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    I stumbled on this while looking for something else. Available at the or phone toll free 1-866-512-1800 to order.
    It never hurts to be informed as to how Big Brother is thinking. The second listing is something I also noted that some might like to have on hand, just in case.
    Armed Groups: Studies in National Security, Counterterrorism,

    and Counterinsurgency
    Classic insurgents, terrorists, guerrillas, militias, police

    agencies, criminal organizations, mercenaries, pirates, drug cartels, apocalyptic religious
    extremists, orchestrated rioters and mobs, and tribal factions — all of these disparate
    organizations, defined as “armed groups,” can and do pose major security challenges to
    the United States.

    Armed Groups: Studies in National

    Security, Counterterrorism, and

    , published by the U.S.

    Naval War College, a host of experts on the
    shadowy world of these groups, including
    Martha Crenshaw, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Steven
    Emerson, James J.F. Forest, Rohan Gunaratna,
    T.X. Hammes, Russell Howard, Montgomery
    McFate, and Peter W. Singer, present the latest
    information and analysis about:

    History and Armed Groups

    Present Context and Environment

    Religion as Inspiration

    Thinking Differently About Armed Groups

    The Shape of Things to Come

    The 32 essays in Armed Groups stem from a broad array of disciplines, ranging from

    such traditional areas of research as history, political science, anthropology, sociology,
    theology, and economics, to matters of ethics, technology, intelligence, education, the
    law, diplomacy, military science, and even mythology. 2008: Paper. 508 p.



    Price: $18.00

    also of interest:

    Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook (CD-ROM)
    This comprehensive reference guide, designed for Special
    Operations Forces (SOF) medics, was developed as a primary
    medical information resource and field guide for the Special
    Operations Command (SOCOM). It defines the standard
    of health care delivery under adverse and general field
    conditions. It is organized according to symptoms, organ
    systems, specialty areas, operational environments and
    procedures. It emphasizes acute care in all its forms (including gynecology, general
    medicine, dentistry, poisonings, infestations, parasitic infections, acute infections,
    hyper and hypothermia, high altitude, aerospace, dive medicine, and sanitation.)
    2010: CD-ROM



    Price: $25.00
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    Yeah, that's the big one right there.
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