Big cats in Mass

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    not sure if anyone else is from new england or if this topic is already covered somewhere else. Ive been reading on it and i guess some mountain lions were released in the 80's to reduce the coy dog problems we have here. Well now mass wildlife is scared the cats are coming back and dont want to take responsibility of releasing them in case someone gets hurt. Well just thought I'd throw this out there for some good discussion
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    There has been reports of mountain lions in the NW portion of the state. I'm in eastern CT (cow country.) We have a lot of coyotes, an occasional bear, an over-population of deer, and plenty of turkeys but I've never seen a cougar. However, when I got in around dusk the other night, the biggest rabbit I've ever seen went flying from my front yard, across the driveway and into the woods.
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    Big flying rabbits.... now that is something to see i'll bet. Ours just run like their butts on fire.b::
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    [rofllmao] I guess CT rabbits are especially talented - just like our women![lolol]
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    I hear cougar tastes pretty good. It is reputed to have been a favorite of mountian men. Use a wounded rabbit call and wait up to 45 mins before leaving the area.

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