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    The Importance of Having an Emergency Food: Emergency food is the food stored
    in case of emergencies. In a world where disasters can occur without warning, there is that possibility
    that you and your family may be cut off from your food source. Without sufficient supplies of food and
    water or other beverages, you will quickly suffer from the effects of malnutrition, undernourishment,
    and loss of strength with this in mind, there has to be food stockpiled in the pantry that may or may
    not need cooking or refrigeration (for emergencies that can possibly cut off power supply).

    Meals Ready to Eat – or MREs – are special meals, sides, and snack created by the U.S. military
    for our service men and women. Each meal is developed so as to provide our military personnel with all
    the nutrients they need while still being easy to carry while on the go.

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    Meals Ready to Eat – or MREs – These are 100% Legal MRE's - not stolen or old 'off the base' MRE's.
    Please note that we do have a few contractors that get MREs from different military manufacturers so
    meal bags may vary as seen above.

    Why are these legal? Aren't all military MRE's considered illegal?

    Notice on the pictures of this case itself that the usual MRE disclaimer of ''U.S. Government Property,
    Commercial Resale is Unlawful'' is missing. This means that the commercial/consumer market can
    purchase and resell these MRE's legally.

    Why is that? Because they were contract manufactured from someone other than the US Government.
    Because they were never sold to the Government in the first place,
    they are not, nor have they ever been U.S. Government Property.

  3. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Crisis Preparedness Provider Vendor

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