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    :eek:A more than a little disturbing 2 hour cnbc special on the exploding commercial surveillance state in (retail and information gathering by employers.):

    I have a hard time with the "You're on the clock; we own you for 8-12 hours mentality so prevalent these days. A big reason I am uncomfortable in the corporate environment.
    Watching this story go on(51min:50) they get into big data mining/collection firms like "Axcion"(acxion?) whose privacy officer is asked" Privacy, what privacy? You have ALL my information! how do you respond to an individual who has concerns? She responds assertively "Well they(you) need to understand what we do with what it, we provide it to our clients so they can better market to you.!!! I dont want to be marketted to at all!!
    First wekill all the lawyers then we remove each data mining and verichip firm. My daily travels ,purchases, reading list is mine. I own every bit of what I create including my lifestyle.[devilfu]Much time as I spend online(alot) I am really starting to look at the net as "their" instrument to provoke ,collect and look back at me way too much. [booze]
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    Much time as I spend online(alot) I am really starting to look at the net as "their" instrument to provoke ,collect and look back at me way too much. [booze]

    roger that. over and out.
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    Remember when the internet really was the information super-highway instead of the information super-market always makes me depressed. Sell, sell, sell...unfortunately, our country and most of the rest of the developing world cannot survive without continual consumption. We are consumers,our economy is consumer based, our jobs are consumer based, everything has to have designed obsolesence to keep the system working. That is why a hand-made knife will cost you hundreds of dollars and a good Old-timer will cost you twenty bucks.
    When the World Trade centers were attacked, our president didn't appeal to us for prayers or retribution...he said not to let it impede our shopping. DOn't let it spoil! Buy! Spend! America needs you to shop. It truly is the only way that we can survive as a nation under the status quo.
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    That is very true, Sea. The entire monetary system is kept alive by monetizing debt. The greater the consumer debt base, the more purchasing power banks have, and so, their lending is increased only by larger numbers of debt worthy consumers. As we already know, the stock market is primarily dependent upon public opinion, and it can easily be dampened by scare tactics. The entire system is a powder keg, and it's only getting worse. As the dollar continues to be inflated and as foreign investments dwindle, we will see an even greater push toward a system overhaul, to include the adoption of the "Amero", and ultimately a global currency.
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