Bigfoot Killed, Kept Frozen; Police Officer Claims

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    Matt Gary Whitton, of Forest Park, Georgia, who is a Police Officer with the Clayton County Police Department, has gone public with the announcement that he and his associate, Rick Dyer, purportedly a former Army Ranger, have in their possession the corpse of a slain Sasquatch or Bigfoot that they recovered while on an expedition in the mountains of North Georgia to capture a live specimen.

    Examination of the body reportedly revealed a 30:06 rifle bullet that apparently caused the death of the creature. Subsequent interviews with a local hunter possibly have identified that hunter as the one who fired the fatal shot from a deer blind. The wounded Sasquatch ran away from the hunter and was later obtained by Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer, perhaps aided by their tracking dogs, although the exact means of their possession is not yet disclosed.

    The Bigfoot corpse is described as a male, about seven foot tall, muscularly built and covered with long, reddish-brown hair. The features have a blend of human and ape-like characteristics, according to eyewitnesses. The body is preserved in a freezer, in a location that appears to be the Whitton residence, as pictured in videos posted on YouTube.

    Both Matt "Gary" Whitton and Rick Dyer assert that the corpse will be publicly revealed on September 1st, 2008., and insist that it is not a hoax. They have posted a total of nine videos on YouTube that contain allusions to the discovery.

    The claim has created a vigorous controversy among the ranks of Sasquatch/Bigfoot researchers and cryptobiologists. Whitton and Dyer's posts on YouTube are lacking in professionalism, and the videos are spontaneous and off-the-cuff. There is a fair amount of braggadocio and self promotion, with plugs for their services as guides on expeditions to capture or hunt for a Bigfoot. But that does not mean that their claim of a frozen corpse is a hoax. In fact, from an analysis of their body language, and patterns of neuro-linguistic expression, they do not appear to be lying.
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