Biggest rabbit I've ever seen!..... no really!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blackjack, Feb 5, 2007.

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    The German Giant Grey.... the breeder sold some to N. Korea as breeding stock to help with the hunger problem. I can't really see their any better than our own California or New Zealand Whites though, as even if they are twice the size, they only have half the young.


    Looks a lot bigger than 20 lbs to me. Its bigger than my dog and my dog is 32 lbs.

    Her'es the link to the whole story.
  2. Tango3

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    Jezus that'll nibble your carrots..Thats gonna need two rfid tags...
  3. CRC

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    OK, I'll say it.[BSf]
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    D'oh that foot WILL NOT fit on my key chain
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    Lot of hide to tan.[coo]
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    Dang, just think of the pot of rabbit stew you could make with that one!!!!
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    Everything I've seen about it so far suggests it's real.

    The posts that followed it from myself and CRC wasn't because it was a joke, it was because I had made a rather comical typo in the original post that she corrected for me. I didn't mean to give the impression that it was a fake (although I guess it could be).

    The news link was from the discovery channel, I'd think their relatively reliable.
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    Gotta break out the .44 comeharvest time, .22 aint gonna put that buck down.
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    Looks like a nice, soft jacket to me.
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    that picture is from a online news ad
    It was about the North Koreans are buying them from Germany for food.
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    I have little doubt that it is authentic. I know French Lops have been around for a long time that while they may not be quite as large still get about the size of a mid sized begal and I have seen several of those that size in person. So it would not surprise me that a new (or obscure) breed could be out there that, especialy given just the right diet and such as he said in an interview he dose, would get every bit as big as the ones he showed and claimed to have.
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    Daz a big bunny! [​IMG]
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