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    Man we've all been there! great ad!
  5. CRC

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    One of my parrothead friends? She was an LEO, retired...went in to the Bail Bond business....Shut that business down, and now sells Harley's...She lives in Utah and said this ad is for real and she was gonna call him and see if he's ready for a REAL ;) now......[lolol]
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    Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Both should assume nothing and speak plainly. Hints don't get it. Nor, do half statements, such as, "do whatever the f*** you want, but if you do that, don't ever expect to get with this again."
  7. Tango3

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    A real motorcycle?????:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
    YouTube - Honest Harley Davidson Commercial
  8. CRC

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    Ooooh.....I can't wait to show Paige that one, T3....I'll let you know her response... :)
  9. Northwoods

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    let the games begin...harleys are a joke they can't stop have no power and will not turn...
    Eric Bule did the best he could with a harley motor...and it was very good indeed...
    now a ways back the japs came out with 600 and 700cc bikes ya wanna know why...cause harley went t to the fed/gov and cried that they couldn't the fed/gov put a tax on every bike over 750ccs...$1500 worth ...
    and as far as i know harley has a plant in Brazil...american made my butt...
    sorry mods move if you need...
    if some one could put some money behind Eric Bule America would be makeing the badest bike on the planet...
  10. Seacowboys

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    That was a funny ad; it now appears to be missing? He must have sold the bike.
  11. Tango3

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    I've owned an '81flh in the past; daddy had a '67flh. I won't get into the paper spec war. If that's what you like; I've no problem with h-d; and most of the riders I've met. Just don't try to tell me I went two up to Vermont,Key West, Tucson the grand canyon, las vegas and mount Rushmore on a fake motorcycle.
  12. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer’s-flat-track-heyday/
  13. Northwoods

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    i haven't watched any flat track raceing in a long time...them boys got big brass ones
  14. CRC

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    Or he got tired of his real phone number being shown all over the internet.... ;)
  15. tacmotusn

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    Hey, he thought the bike ad was cute when he posted it. You all know what really happened. The ad went viral online and did far more than irritate him with a ton of phone calls. HIS CUTE AD CAME BACK TO BITE HIM.... HIS WIFE IS NOT AMUSED. THE SHREW IS ON A RAMPAGE. Be warned.... its a whole new world.
    No honey, I never said that, ... I love you.
  16. Conagher

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    In reality, if it wasn't for HD going over to Japan and showing them a HD motorcycle, Japan wouldn't have started making them.

    I don't know what Harley you've rode NW, if any at all, but my 09 Street Bob can stop really well when it needs to, and it has plenty of hp and torque with the cams, pipes, stage 1 AC, and dyno tuned with a Power Commander 5.
  17. Tango3

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    S'pose that goes for ford or GM too??? Won't go too far with this(I don't really have a dog in this fight; I don't care what somebody else rides).: If you like your streetbob that's fine and I do agree "enough is enough" ( plenty of power is plenty).

    IMHO( and I'm not a cruiser guy).: You still paid twice as much and added how many $ in hop-up parts to get 1/2 the bike a gsxr750 is off the showroom floor.
    That said: Japanese cruisers are openly ugly copies. Dealer magazine statistics consistently show
    h-d sales blows all other bike sales out of the water up here.
    YouTube- Bikers and Harleys

    Nofoul? :)

    my buddy with the buel gets very animated thumbs downs or the one finger salute from h-d on the road.
  18. Conagher

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    I've rode Yamaha and Kawasaki and Honda street bikes in the past, but my HD with forward controls is the most comfortable motorcycle I've ever owned.

    Since I've had 5 knee surgeries on my left knee already and the next one will be a knee replacement, I couldn't stand riding my Kawi Concours 1000 on long trips. With bad knees it felt like my legs were in a fetal position while riding.

    My friend had a Gixxer 750 and I saw him wheelie it at over 100 mph once. He still likes the crotch rocket bikes for their power and fun factor, but he enjoys his HD Street Bob for the comfort factor.
  19. Tango3

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    Okay[dunno]. I'll give you no real argument here ( and you certainly don't need anybodies permission). I can't tell you what you like is "wrong" ( there is no "wrong" and I'll never give you the finger on the interstate as I have received.)...
    I can't/won't pick the front end up at 100 mph ( and I don't worry about it)...

    comfort and speed[dunno]?( somewhere in So Dak and the Salt river canyon Az):
    2008 Gl1800
    we're thinking of "Glacier nat'l park and perhaps Banf later this year/perhaps a loop around lake superior...
    wing. wing3.
  20. Tango3

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  21. mija

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    Indian Motorcycles, the original American bike.

    You will never wear out an Indian Scout or its brother the Indian Chief, they are built like rocks to take hard knocks, it's the Harleys that give you grief.
    Indian owners can read and write, Harley owners are the scum of the earth.

    Now don't all you Harley riders blow a gasket and leak oil everywhere. I've owned several of both, they are all great.


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