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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by GhostX, May 5, 2017.

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    I just wanted to post a project I'm working on and see what you guys think about my SHTF plan. Im calling it the Escape-Hatch. I got the idea after seeing a kid in Germany making something similar. Its been tough trying to find someone with a TIG welder to make the frame but I think Ive finally found the right blacksmith.

    After I have the frame completed, I plan on turning it into a Faraday cage with a carbon fiber shell. The carbon fiber is easy for me to acquire since there is an air plain part manufacturing plant down the street from me and I have plenty of friends who work there. After that its just a matter of getting some thin sheet metal, aluminum foil, and some copper mesh to line the inside with.

    After thats completed, I will have enough space inside to fit some crucial electronics that I know will come in handy when SHTF.

    I have no copy rights on this design and I have no idea about how that German kid made his but I wanted to share my design with you all incase some of you might want to make a bike RV of your own. If anyone has any tips, thoughts or ideas for improvements, Id love to hear them.









    Tail _Bottom.



    P.S. Yes, I know these images are pretty poorly made but I was only hoping to give an idea about how its supposed to be.
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    You defeat the whole "Faraday Cage" idea, by installing a Solar Panel on the roof, and having the Power Wires penetrate the shell of the Box, going to the Batteries.... VERY BAD Idea.....
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    NICE !!!! and looks like you thought it out (y)
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    You are planning to tow this with a bike? Have you figured out what it's going to weigh? You should also check that the carbon fiber might work to your advantage instead of lining it with more weight. Don't forget to enclose the wheel wells, and like BT says, get rid of all penetrations for wires or anything else. You will also need to find a way to shield the joints between the doors and shell
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    Very nice design, winter will not ever cooperate.

    [​IMG] Well sometimes it cooperates a little..
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    There is an app for that - buy commercial or retrofit your existing rig.

    Winter can be so
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    Okay, got it. Thanks for the tip. I will have to make sure that any cord to the inside is detachable and able to be stowed when not in use. Solar will not be the main source of power though. I have an alternator that I'm planning on hooking up to the wheels to generate power as I ride.

    I'm going to try to make sure I have it right by trying to make a call to a cellphone while its inside it. If it blocks the signal, I figure that Ive got it mostly right anyway. Ive also been conditioning myself for a year to do this. I'm confident in my ability to pull something like this with a bike but I'm not going to rely just on my strength and endurance. I plan on hooking up two electric motors to the wheels and running a cord up to the handlebars on my bike were Ill put a button to activate them. That way if I need some help up a hill or I just want to coast on a flat stretch, I can just press the button.
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    What you might want to do is move the Battery and Charging System outside the Faraday Cage. That way the only time the Cage Integrity will only be compromised, is when the Power Cable, penetrates the Cage itself... and DO NOT think you can fix this with a connector that is on the surface of the CAGE, that you just plug the cable into... That connector defeats the purpose of the Cage...
  9. 3M-TA3

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    If you are planning on towing it consider using the same wheels on your trailer as you have on your bike; front on one side and rear on the other complete with gears. That way if you destroy one of your bike wheels you have a spare. Larger wheels also present less drag due to friction and are easier to tow. Also easier if you are pushing or pulling by hand.
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    I see it all on the lake every winter. Love the little tow behind sled for the kiddes.
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