Bike Stealing 101

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  1. Mountainman

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    If you don't laugh at this something is wrong with you.

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  2. DKR

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    It's all fun till someone breaks their leg -and sues.
  3. Mountainman

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    Liked your post because of the videos and don't give a shit about what happens to a thief.
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  4. duane

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    Sad fact that you may lose in court if sued, called an attractive nuisance rule, while it was in the past limited to children who could not forsee the dangers in something, we now have generations of people who have no morals or forsight and they must be protected from their own actions. We must now lock up our property and prevent it from tempting some poor individual who might hurt himself if he stole it, meanwhile it is a "hate" crime to mention that some individuals and groups may have a tendency to break the law. The law may classify the deliberately defective bike as similar to using string fired guns or other potentially dangerous devices to protect property.
  5. Gator 45/70

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    Anyone notice that at least 75% Bike Borrowers are Hands Up Personal.
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  6. chelloveck

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    or dies....manslaughter isn't a very good career move...especially if banged up in the slammer with former bike stealers.:eek: I liked the guy who punked the punkers...he might have been a thief, but it was hilarious seeing the wise guy losing his bike....
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