Second Amendment Bill to Allow Schools to Track Parent Gun Ownership

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by Yard Dart, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Yard Dart

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    A new law being pushed in Missouri wants schools to track ownership of parents with gun's. I think they need to focus on reading, writing and arithmetic and let the families focus on their safety at home!!
    I am wondering how they will determine
    ? Are schools going to have the law on their side to come to your house to inspect...haha, that won't ever happen.

    Missouri bill would criminalize failure to report gun ownership to child's school | The Daily Caller
  2. BTPost

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    This babe must represent an inner city District, as NO Rural Representative would be so STUPID. I wonder what she considers "Safe Storage" considering SCOTUS's Heller decision.... If it is a LockBox, Heller says that is unconstitutional....
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  3. Yard Dart

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    Has to be inner city government for sure. I think this is just another grab to consolidate list of owners and feed it up thru their governmental chain to make a national registry in whatever form they can. On top of that, how would they enforce inspections and fines for gun storage at home. They could not do this without police involvement and the story just made me scratch my head on what is going on in these legislators minds...... Do they really think the sheep are this dumb? I know the answer- YES.
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    This pisses me off. I am irate. I grew up very rural, very country. Hunting was an event that people looked forward to. When someone got a deer, I felt envy because they would be having venison. Nothing to do with Dad on a Sunday.. well we would go to the shooting range. What has happened? This is insane! This is not how I was raised and I hate raising my children where they can't be proud to know and enjoy firearms.

    As for those *$@(!%^@ public schools, well I am a lady and I will refrain from speaking my mind. *#$(!^*'s
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  6. BTPost

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    No @Motomom34, You need to Speak your Mind, and let these NEA Thugs know exactly how you feel, and wish your child or children educated. I have, over the years when my children were in Public Schools, had to go to town and set a few Teachers and Administrators straight, about what I expected from them, and what I would NOT tolerate, from them... None of these were Pleasent, for ME or them, but they knew what I expected, when I left, and they never wanted ME to come back, and repeat myself. Only ever had one repeat conference with one IDIOT Principal, and it was done over the phone, and he understood very well, that I wasn't happy, and he assured Me, that this issue would NEVER come up again, with my child.

    It has nothing to do with "Lady Like" and everything to do with GOOD Parenting, and Respect for you as the child's Parent. If they do NOT show ME the Respect that I demand from a civil servant , then I treat them with an equal loss of Respect, of a Moron, and they know when we are done EXACTLY what I expect.
  7. Pyrrhus

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    Reason 3,612 to homeschool.
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    BTPost, I give you a gold star for that post. Thank you for that push. I do worry that they will take it out on the children but I know I need to keep at them till they do their job and only their job (teaching).
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  9. BTPost

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    You are entirely Welcome MM34..... I would not want to try and raise children in this day and age.... I am very happy that all mine are Grown, and Gone, with families of their own. I do enjoy my Grandchildren.... and seeing my children, and their spouses, dealing with the NEA Thugs in the same Manner as I did.....
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  10. JLRhiner

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    It's actually a suburb of St. Louis, University City. And it's got a looooong way to go. Missourians won't be easily persuaded.
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