Civics Bills priorities are a result of requests and recommendations from senators and the people of Texas.

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    AUSTIN - Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced the bills he has selected as his top priorities for the 2019 Legislative Session today. The bills designated as priorities are a result of requests and recommendations from senators and the people of Texas. While these bills represent the top 30, there are a number of additional critical bills that Lt. Gov. Patrick supports and will help pass in the current session. The lieutenant governor made the following statement on issuing his priority list:

    Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Announces 30 Priority Bills for 2019 Legislative Session
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    Easy to see who has their (collective) snouts in the trough....
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    Seems like conservative religious truffle snouters are well represented at the trough (SB17,SB22,SB23 and SB24), with perennial grunters like the NRA probably begging that their wish list is well received (with the encouragement of $$$$PACS to legislators up for re-electing to give the Bill favourable drafting).

    SB29 (stop taxpayer lobbying)...nothing mentioned about stopping corporate lobbying...I wonder if corporate interests are considered taxpayers under that Bill?

    SB21 is an interesting one....Raise the age for smoking to 21???.....the tobacco industry lobby, and, and corporate health providers can't be happy about that...but on the other hand, health insurers will give it a thumbs up I guess.

    SB26 I suspect, is about keeping statues honouring exploitive slave owners, and traitorous defectors from the United States of America, in situ.
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