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    Billy Bob <hr style="color: rgb(219, 219, 219); background-color: rgb(219, 219, 219);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Former Liar in Chief, the person who did not know the definition of "is" now presumes to lecture conservatives on how to not criticize liberal-socialist traitors---!!! We wouldn't want to call things that are, "are" now would we--??? [​IMG] IS THAT NOT A PROBLEM??? [rofllmao]
    Clintonista, the person who sold our long range rocket technology to the Chicoms through Lorial for his reelection funding, now speaks at the Soros funded center to destroy America. Anything for buck, Bill--[own]. He sounds to me like "Trailer Trash" [lolol]

    Meanwhile his "wife" is forgetful of her spoken diatribe during W's Admin., "that to speak against an incumbent administration ( now a socialist regime ) is a duty" loosely paraphrased. Let's see--it is ( there is that awful word again ) a duty when they are out of power but it IS not so nice when they are in--[​IMG][​IMG] :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Speaking the facts under communism is verboten, lies are the new norm - or at least for them and their red followers. [rnt]Question: how do we know when they are lying??? When their mouth is open--!!![​IMG][​IMG]

    Careful, BS Bill, careful. We know what you and your ilk are -- why not go for nice flight to Europe to visit Sorros---your paymaster--.

    Laus Deo
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    One thing you gotta hand to Bill Clinton is he's consistent. He's always an a**hole bubbling over with arrogance.
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    Is that what all of this is about? I am sorry, Overbore -but I had no idea what the BLEEP you were talking about!

    Usually when somebody starts a thread, they post citations to the topic: a news story, headline, video clip, blog post, etc. Generally, that is followed by a clear message...not jive talk and a bunch of name calling.

    Sorry -I don't mean to seem like I am poking fun at you, it's just that I don't like wasting my time trying to figure out that a person doesn't like Bill Clinton. It took Jungatheart to explain what the bloody chripes you were blathering on about! :)

    Everybody at these forums already KNOWS that Clinton is a buffoon. Why restate the obvious?
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    He is referring to a recent speech by Billy Jeff that has been all over the news the last couple of days. Anyone who saw it was offended by his arrogant diatribe.

    He tried to link the tea party movement to Timothy McViegh and said that the original tea party was about protesting taxation without representation not taxation by elected officials doing what they were elected to do. Really? 85% of the people were against the TARP bailout, but they passed it anyway. Over 70% of the people were against the wall street bailout and the health care crap but they passed it anyway.

    Now they are "amused" as the current occupant of the peoples house recently said, that people are angry. And they are surprised that they are recieving threats and that people are talking about throwing them out and about things like treason.

    I am sick of these prostiticians, from both sides, treating this like a high school football game. We fought a good fight but hey the games over you lost so lets be friends and go to the soda shop for a malt. BS.

    When people get fed up with the BS and being ignored by these scum that have perverted our Republic then they are surprised at the anger, the "hate" talk and the vitriol.
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    Hey thanks, MM ;)

    Who's Billy Jeff?
  6. Minuteman

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    Willam Jefferson Clinton or BJ for short.:D
  7. Brokor

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    Oh you sneaky!
  8. overbore

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    Old Friend, since I am not going to wet your boots and call it rain, I will gently inform you that I am well qualified, EWQ if that means anything to you, to write the brief synopsis you refer to as I am a published author, author of about 12 domestic and international patents, each requiring about two years of documentation and provable research, and the holder of two EPA registrations--- etc, etc. and on a good day I can walk and chew gum at the same time.[ROFL][ROFL] I must admit, however, that at my age the walking has slowed;) but the elevator goes to the top floor.:D
    As a fellow former 'Pennsylteckuian', having enlisted in 1956 and as an astute political observer, I must remind you that the purpose of the paid for ( by Soros) Clinton diatribe, is to set the blame stage for any untword actions in the mode of the nut job McVEigh. I say that Clinton has no credibility as he is an impeached president, a disbarred attorney and convicted liar to congress and ducked his leadership role by blaming Reno for the Waco killings. Janet was not going to be re appointed so she threatened Billy Bob with telling the facts of those killings if she were not reappointed.[stirpot][stirpot][stirpot]
    As a bee keeper one of my principles is to not knock over a hive unless one enjoys lots of lumps--[rofllmao]Lets keep it light but right.

    Laus Deo
  9. Brokor

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    ROFL [ditto]

    I just wish you guys would use clear language and link what you are talking about.

    Otherwise...your posts are just [woot]
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