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  1. Bishop

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    Anyone make biltong I have tried a few times but it don't come out I am wondering if it's the humidity here in fla and if so would it work if I used my dehydrator.
  2. pearlselby

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  3. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    I tried it in the box that they say to make and use but it always molds up I make jerky fine just just not biltong I think I will try the dehydrator.
  4. duane

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    Biltong sounds like what we used to get as dried beef when was a kid, also called chipped beef, and it was totally different than jerky. Never saw it made, but it came in chunks and it wasn't salty, smoked, or spicy. I think the temp would have to be right and the air super dry in order to keep it from molding or spoiling in the center.
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  5. Bishop

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    The stuff I had in Africa was good a little pink ring inside but better than jerky.
  6. Brokor

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    You know, I am thankful it's a Dutch term because we have far too many ways to say the same damn thing in this country.
    It's just JERKY. The only difference is, some *censored* guy had to have his own word. It's kind of a Sarah Palin thing, only more annoying. Seriously, the only difference between "biltong" and jerky is that "biltong" is cut AFTER it is dried. "OOOooooOOoo!" (see my look of amazement) o_O

    I really hope we can keep this within the JERKY realm, and politely ask everybody to search our threads on jerky for further information.
  7. duane

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    I will not argue over names but the military breakfast delight, SOS, was made of dried beef and it sure didn't taste like jerky. Wife still can't understand why I like it, but now it all seems to be made with hamburger and that is a weak substitute for dried beef. I like jerky, but my false teeth don't appreciate the challenge, so I seldom eat it. Oh yes, the horror of it all, powdered eggs, spam, SOS, ice cream made out of that powder in the mess hall that I think got bigger and harder as it melted. 3.2 beer in the NCO club, you would get tired out going to the latrine, before you got drunk. We got the old WW II rations at times, came with both toilet paper and ciggaretes , not politically correct today, and the smokes would catch fire and burn like a candle if you drew real hard on them. Good thing I was young and stupid and enjoyed it all.
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  8. kellory

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    dried beef as I know it, is nothing like jerky. Had it often as a kid. Homelink made it, armour, and a few more. It is a nice alternative to jerky and much easier to roll up a slice or two at a time.

    I can see both pics fine, but when I hit post, it comes up broken.
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  9. Bishop

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    This is what it look like but had rock salt and spices

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  10. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    Never tried that.
  11. ghrit

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    Ah, yes. SOS. I have a jar of Hormel dried beef waiting until I gather the inclination to make the white sauce and toast. Liked it as a kid, and had to do without for years in the Navy and while married. My ex refused to make or eat it, and the cooks on the boat refused to make it. Dunno why.
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