Flu Bird Flu Case Appears in Colombia

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    Bird Flu Case Appears in Colombia
    By Anadolu News Agency (aa)
    Published: Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    The first bird flu case in Colombia has appeared.

    An Agriculture Ministry statement reported the bird flu has occurred in three farms in Tolima and poultries affected from the bird flu have been put under the quarantine to prevent the spread of the illness.

    Adding in the statement that there is no clue the bird flue virus is the same as the possible fatal H5N1 virus, Agriculture Minister Andres Felipe Arias said “the virus is not the same as the virus that makes the world anxious,” and claimed, “this virus is not like the one that makes people ill in Asia."

    He also noted infected chickens will go under virus control all over the country.

    Fatal H5N1 has caused the death of 65 people and infected 116 in Asia since 2003. The bird flu has also caused the death of over 100 million birds
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