Flu Bird flu detected in domestic poultry in Azerbaijan

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    Bird flu detected in domestic poultry in Azerbaijan
    MOSCOW, Feb.27 (Xinhuanet): Azerbaijan reported its first case of bird flu in domestic poultry on Monday. The virus was detected in samples taken at the Kilyazin poultry farm near Baku where mass deaths of fowl have occured, the government commission on fighting the virus said, according to the Itar-Tass news agency. "Quarantine, sanitary and veterinary work is under way now at the farm and around it," the commission said in a statement. It did not specify if the virus found was the H5N1 strain, which can be fatal to humans. Earlier, the H5N1 virus has been found in wild birds on the Caspian coast. The commission urged the population to prevent contact between domestic poultry and wild birds and recommended destruction of dead birds. In its most highly pathogenic form, the H5N1 virus has devastated poultry populations and killed at least 92 people, mostly in Asia, since 2003. The bird flu virus has also been detected in neighboring Georgia and Russia. Read this article in full at Xinhuanet
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