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    Bird flu reaches Sweden
    OSKARSHAMN, Feb.28 (TT): Bird flu virus H5N1 has reached Sweden, news agency TT has reported. The virus was found in wild birds near Oskarshamn, in Smaland in the south of the country. The National Veterinary Institute is currently examining between 35 and 40 dead birds, according to tabloid Expressen. The first confirmed cases of the virus were found in four tufted ducks, according to a press release from the Swedish Board of Agriculture. They were found in the area around Oskarshamn's nuclear power station. The board said that it would enforce an observation zone in the area. Dead birds found in the area will be either sent for tests or destroyed. The aim is to stop the virus spreading to domestic birds. The zone contains 'few' domestic birds, according to the board. Owners of poultry and other farmed or pet birds will be contacted during Tuesday, and will be subject to inspections and tests. The board also said that extra security measures would be taken and restictions would be placed on trade in bird products from the area. Read this article in full at The Local
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