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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by monkeyman, Nov 18, 2005.

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    I was just kind of thinking today about where the flu has mostly hit and life there. Most of the known cases have been rural folks in poor countries. So with poor folks in rural areas of those parts of Asia, how many more folks have come down with it and not been able to seek medical attention and have died from it at home then as was common here just 100 years ago or less and still is in many areas, the family takes them to the back yard and buried them? I just cant help but think the ones that have been found are probably a slim minority of the cases that have occurred, also if the person relies on chickens for their lively hood how likely are they going to be to tell anyone if there is a potential problem that would have their lively hood destroyed?
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    good point mm.

    I bet for every case that CNN reports there must be a hundred others in the scenario you mention
  3. monkeyman

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    Kind of what I got to thinking of...I mean how many poor farmers in some third world country are actualy gonna go to a Dr because they have the flu and once it kills them how many of their families are going to call an ME to find out why they died?
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