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Bird Trap

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by Bishop, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey++

    Bishops Backwoods Survival saw palmetto bird trap…:
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  2. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Moderator Moderator Site Supporter++

    Nice trap. Is it just set on the ground or do you have it anchored?
  3. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey++

    I make it by pushing the saw palmetto in to the ground to form the trap some it all anchor in works like a fish weir
  4. AxesAreBetter

    AxesAreBetter Monkey++

  5. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    I like it Bishop, you do nice work.
    How about a how to on building your bird traps? Walk us through the process.
  6. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey++

    If the rain is gone this weekend or will get a video up.
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  7. AxesAreBetter

    AxesAreBetter Monkey++

    Sweet. What are you using for bait?
  8. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey++

    Bird seed and cracked corn.
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