Birf Certificate A Fake!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Big Arpaio fan... That guy has some big mapumbu (Google Translate from Swahili to English)
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    I would like to see O's ,school records.
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    I have mixed feelings regarding Arpaio. On one hand, he's tough on crime --I have no issue with this. I do not like how many of the "crimes" may be drug possession or misdemeanors. We live in a police state, and it's not hard to break a law. Marijuana is a natural plant, yet at the top of the controlled substances list. Obviously, we are being criminalized and the war on drugs acts as a catalyst for Mexican cartels to profit, especially at the hands of the CIA and BATF in charge of ensuring profits remain high. It's sickening.

    Let's look at Arpaio and his posse in Arizona, in particular --corruption.

    In fact, there's so much corruption, it's all over the web. You can spend days reading about it. I am not talking about "racial profiling" and the many Liberal tactics here. I am not talking about the common, left-wing slander and media hype surrounding the fact that Arpaio runs tent cities. I am talking about real corruption: murder, drug running, slave trading. These things happen every day in our country --and no matter how many of Arpaio's posse is rounded up, he always walks free unscathed. It's kind of strange that so much corruption exists right under his nose without him knowing about it. Should the "toughest sheriff" on crime start investigating his own? I think there's more to this story than many would like to admit.

    Say what you want about Arpaio, his DEA/CIA connections are the most disturbing.

    The following is just an excerpt:
    I am not going to accept Schlund's word at face value, and I wouldn't expect any of you, either. However, if anybody does the research,
    they will find a lot of unsavory facts. It makes sense that Arpaio would route out corruption and be tough on crime but never point his
    finger at the government itself.

    My best guess? Arpaio is a hard-liner, old school, right-wing, DEA/CIA profiteer. As for his Obama cold posse intrigue --I am willing to bet the case gets dropped or "debunked", allowing an end to be established on the subject. Oh, the media will hype this up to be sure we each have had our fill, too. One thing I have learned when it comes to the government business (and that's exactly what it is), is that it's always safe to control the objectionist's perspective as well as your own. Simply put, it's the same thing as a two-party political system: left or right, the bad guys always win because it's all one, big family at the top. This leaves very little room for people like us (the private sector) to ever attempt to prove anything. It's only the "official word" from the media that really counts, right? Arpaio is their official songbird, it's as simple as that.

    Let's see how it all turns out, shall we?
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    My view is that obumstead wants those records sealed to prevent the masses from learning he was a poor student, and rarely actually attended classes - likely he was passed on up and given his degree after it was paid for by his masters. He was being groomed from a young age for his eventual take over of the US Gubmint.
    No one at those schools seems to remember him ever being there......
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    My problem is that there is no excuse for the Transparency President to conceal anything. Why he is the Messiah! He can walk on water. He just hasn't shown us yet. All bow down before his Lord Obama. You unbelievers will be struck down by the mighty sword of Archangel Michelle.
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    Seems like he might be the victim of his own anti Terrorism laws LOL that would be justice.
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    Moochelle will be along to help him once she finishes off that big bucket of KFC, and is done with her clothes shopping in the Budget Aisle at Walmart.......
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    I am surrounded by ultra libs ie my sisses, by bro and my mommy. "It is a non-issue with me" my mom. Bro says it is a conservative plot. My older sis says that it is a Romney lie. My other sis just likes the Obummer care thing, same as Rommneycare. None of them have any facts, they don't need them, just blind faith. Oh, my sis-in-law is the school union boss for the district.
    Be nice when I get home and can talk to my dogs, at least they can think.
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    Ignore it all, it's just a plot to keep the masses occupied with trivia while the real problems go unresolved for lack of interest at all levels.
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    Yup here is the outcome he sold out to stay out of court... this blows.:
    Since then, the racial profiling suit has been dismissed and the feds have dropped a separate abuse-of-power investigation.

    t's been an eventful summer for Arpaio, "America's Toughest Sheriff." On July 19, the same day he first appeared in court to face accusations he engaged in a systematic campaign of racial profiling, Arpaio convened a press conference in Phoenix, promising to unveil a big break in his "independent investigation" into the validity of the president's birth certificate.Since then, the racial profiling suit has been dismissed and the feds have dropped a separate abuse-of-power investigation
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