Birth Certificate = Slaves???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bnmb, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Actually though, I'm wondering if this is BS - I just looked at the copies I have of my Indiana Birth Cirtificate - it has neither the 'red number' nor the 'bank note company' notation. Hmmm..... maybe I'm worth less...... [dunno]
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    ROFL!... No survivalist is, if you were a politician or a banker... :D
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    think "solent green". all the death certificates issued here in florida look like that. Maybe they sell you after you die.....?
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    Well...if It wasup to me, I would give them complete permission to bite me, and even eat me when I die....I only hope I would die from bubonic plague or variola vera... :D ... Bon apetit!
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    The article is questionable, but the underlying fundamentals are true.

    FRNs are debt instruments. Payable in tax dollars. Every dollar they print is a debt that must be paid by you. The govt. borrows against your future labor.
    Why do you think they take collection so seriously. When I was a kid, I knew many people who had so-called "cash businesses". Nowadays, it's almost impossible to hide any transaction from the govt.
    Fortunately we still have the option not to work! It's a bitter pill to swallow, but you can cut yourself out of the system if you're willing to live poor.
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