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    Dumbass is as dumbass does. Herein lies a tale for your amusement, titillation, amazement and enlightenment. Today, as I was expounding on a tirade of blarney[​IMG], it was remarked that I took quite a leap tying together two statements. I was a bit wounded, as I like to think that my intellectual nuggets are as tightly woven as a pearl necklace and just as valuable. However, just in case there might have been a smidge of truth to it, and you aren’t used to my style of delivery, rest assured that everything I tell you has a point. At least at the end. But before I get to my continuing dumbassness, allow me to introduce a tale that will take the sting out of my own weakness.


    A co-worker has distant relatives ( by the way, I would swear this is not embellished as the narrator is not prone to BS or sensationalism ). One aunt is a lesbian[​IMG]. Despite, or because of, being married to men five times. Her daughter was a stripper[​IMG]. She was in the process of getting divorced when she became pregnant at age 42 by her new boyfriend. She begged her estranged husband to stay married to her so she would have insurance. This angers the boyfriend who hits her. She leaves boyfriend and moves in with her stepfather, who had molested her when she was younger. You can’t make this kind of stuff up. I was nearly rolling on the ground, tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks. And what made this even funnier was that just the night before I had agreed to take back wife #4. Again. Yet, compared to the above dysfunctional relationships[​IMG], I wasn’t so much of a dumbass[​IMG]. Thank goodness other people do stuff that makes you look smart.


    Why am I trying to repeat the mistakes of the past? Well, hope does spring eternal. And in theory we could actually make a go of it this time. We finally got around to talking about our problems rather than just scream about them. On the surface, things look promising. There are still feelings. Well, obviously or I wouldn’t waste my time. But I came to my final decision really based on one thing. We will be in a world of hurt very soon and I want someone with me. Not to discount the emotional aspect ( I do better living with someone, even if it is dysfunctional ), but there are important practical considerations. I sincerely do not believe we will see out the year without major disruptions ( see my first of the year forecast ). I think it is down hatches and last minute preps time. I think it is time to trim down the cash reserves to the lowest sensible level and buy more food. The Hobbit[​IMG] Hovel will be completed in a month or two. I Will buy more bucketed wheat to place in it. The solar projects will be done. If I have the cash and time I’m going to buy some inserts for my Enfields[​IMG] ( converts 303 to 7.62x39 ) and buy a few sardine cans of ammo ( much cheaper than buying SKS’s, even though the trade off is you can’t fill the mag but rather must load one round at a time ).


    The relationship with #4 was going downhill for years. On the surface it seems silly to think a change will occur. But if we are both sincere and both try harder than we were ( both just coasting and taking the other for granted ) I’m hoping things will be different. Honestly, I was a kind of silly not seeing the good part of the relationship. Here is a women that not only doesn’t care if she has to crap in a bucket, she doesn’t care too much about living in a trailer or that I’m working minimum wage. How could I not see how rare and precious that was? Why did I think I could find all that, with a nice rack? Looking at the gift horse[​IMG] and all that. The collapse has already started. I can’t believe I momentarily turned in a Yuppie Scum[​IMG] and thought I had the leisure time to prepare before the end. Okay, sure, it was companionship rather than food or arms, but I still can’t believe I was that weak. That I failed to see time was short and once again, compromises were in order. So, I’m not a dumbass because I keep having screwed up relationships. That is the ONLY kind I have. I was a dumbass thinking I had more time.


    Now, while patting yourself on the back for being so much better than I, ask yourself if you have several years worth of food per person. If you don’t, stop feeling so superior. Throughout history, there have been overpopulations and famines and disease and die-offs[​IMG]. But never before have there been so many so dependent on a dwindling supply of energy to feed them. Before, the population grew too much and the soil was overused. But it was still an agrarian economy. All the skills and infrastructure[​IMG] remained. This time, there is no infrastructure in place. And the skills are not widely disbursed. This time IS different. Put in food stocks immediately because it only takes a small disruption to stop the supply of basic foodstuffs ( remember my talks on the low inventories of grain in large population cities, something like a thousand people per sack of wheat or something similar? ). Look, I can’t point to any one thing which sends a chill up my spine. I only know that I was really worried enough to move to Elko right before unemployment shot up before, and I have a similar feeling now. I don’t know what is going to happen, only that it feels bad and imminent. Take it for what it is worth. And start making compromises. A lot of grain is better than almost no freeze dried or MRE’s[​IMG]. A few bolt actions are better than half a semi-auto. And etcetera. To include the more intangible aspects of your preps. In my case, better to take yet another chance on a relationship than have none when it starts to matter. Two of you have a lot more than double the odds of survival. And, to be fair, if nothing happens, a chance to be happier in life. You’ll thank me when I’m in a better mood ( or curse me if it fails again and I get in a worse mood ).

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    I regularly read Jim ("Bison"); if only for the comfort of seeing a vision of myself trundling along alone after a divorce ( with "great hair" noless:). ( some days I',m just not a big fan of "people" in general. I could easily see myself living "walden style" in a tiny 100 sq foot "cabin"after a divorce.(ultra-possum style).Also I share his loathing of "yuppies(***)" though I spawned one.
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