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    Oh, it looks like you can integrate bitmessage with Thunderbird.
    Bitmessage - ArchWiki

    The above link is from Arch - which I'm considering moving to at least on a test box.
    It would appear that some legal problems have caused Fedora to pull ECC support from the current packages which is a problem for me. Fedora/RHEL likes to keep things pure but I'm not exactly sure what's going on. It won't run under f20.
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    Somebody asked me in a BM about attachments. It can be done but a better way would be to link to a central (cloud-ish) service provider, preferably one that you control. like | Your Cloud, Your Data, Your Way!

    Attachments are not possible for the moment in bitmessage. There are two ways around it. One is to convert your files using base64 and concatenating them to the end of your bitmessage itself.
    base64 < binary.file > text.file
    The concatenated text can be copied to a text file by the recipient and the following command can be used to reconvert the file back to its original state:
    base64 -d < text.file > binary.file
    This method, however, is neither in the interests of bitmessage (as it increases the length of the message unnaturally) nor is it very elegant. Hence it is advised to upload your file to a cloud-based storage provider (ala dropbox or box) and send the link over using bitmessage. Of course, if the file contains anything sensitive, it may be a good idea to use PGP or some other program to encrypt your file. You can send the passphrase used to encrypt the file over bitmessage.

    An extreme method, especially if you wish to wish larger files, is to create a magnet link or a torrent file and use that to share your data. You need not list the torrent on a public torrent site for this to work. To use this method, first create the torrent with all the files you wish to share using your favorite torrent application. You can now share this torrent file using the base64 method described above, or you can use the following script to convert it into a magnet (source blogpost):
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    I have successfully sent an GPG Public Key to DarkLight. He recovered the Key, but was unable to import it into His KeyChain.
    However when he sent me that same Public Key, back in his Return Message, I was able to import into MY KeyChain as a Valid Public Key.
    So, I suspect the issue was on his end, and we will work out a way to do this, and confirm it here, Next I hope to send a OnePad PAD, and
    see if that works. If so, we will let you know.... May try to do it with an Echo Site, as a Valid Test.
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    There are currently three Operational clients for BitMessage
    1. Windows
    2. Mac OSX
    3 Linux

    There is a Working Group looking at an Android Lite client, that would use a Server to preform a Gateway Operation
    between BitMessage, and Some sort of Android Messaging System.

    As of 2/17/14 I have not seen anything for an IOS client, but if I find anything I will update this Post.
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