Bizarre: "Magic Mushrooms"?

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by dragonfly, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Why does the .gov figure they have to "regulate" everything? Don't they think people are capable of making decisions for themselves and dealing with the consequences? ...oh right.:mad:
  2. dragonfly

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    Until last night I thought I had led a rather "sheltered" existance...Then I was joking with an old friend about "speedo's". He'd never heard of them! Guess I'm not as far behind as some! I have seen people that tried smoking loco weed too....but then there are some people that will try anything! Some smoke banana peels, some inject mayonnaise into their veins...Me? I'll eat some mushrooms, and leave the rest to the adventurous types! I have enough to deal with, without attempting to "expand" my mind with "weird" chemicals! I have enough fun with the regular ones!
  3. bravo61actual

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    like the ones that go BOOM. try playing with those with a head full of drugs.
  4. dragonfly

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    I like the BOOM kinds! My favorites!
    I just finished another 4lb batch of black powder.....
    Only 146 lbs more to go!???
    No wonder I'm hard of hearing!
  5. BAT1

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    Some high school classmates put eight of those darn things in my chili at Wendy's one night in 1972.
    It was not a good experience at all. I told them all the next day I never wanted to see their sorry butts again.
  6. Drumbo

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    Not to pick nits, but, in 1972 there were only two Wendy's restaurants (founded in '69) in Columbus, Ohio run by Dave Thomas (I once worked for Wendy's and in those days had to learn this stuff, lol). That year, Thomas sold the first franchise to L.S. Hartzog for a third location in Indianapolis - the rest is hamburger history. Chances are it wasn't 1972, or it wasn't Wendy's chili unless you lived in Columbus, but 'shrooms can distort time, so no harm - no foul - just useless trivia to boost my pitiful post count here at the Monkey lounge.

    In 1973, I attended college in Crete, Nebraska and harvesting 'shrooms at dawn was quite popular among us musicians seeking to "expand" our minds and gain insight into Pink Floyd compositions.

    Natural Psilocybin was frankly a much better experience than the Frat parties with "Purple Jesus" in the punch bowl (Boone's Farm wine & Everclear as I recall) or the widely available so-called LSD ("Purple Haze" & "Mr. Natural") that was actually synthesized Mescaline with a heavy stomp of Amphetamine and bog knows what else. I saw many more people experience "bad trips" on the synthesized stuff and booze black-outs than on those little mushroom caps that lost their potency within an hour or so of sunrise as the mushooms matured. It was cheaper too since Nebraska had no shortage of cow pastures.

    Thankfully, I outgrew serious substance abuse and enlisted in the service, otherwise I'd have never been able to hold that tasty fast-food gig after my discharge or remember the orientation lectures about the history of Wendy's.

    Best regards,

  7. ghrit

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    I'd nearly forgotten about Purple Jesus. The recipe was a LOT dofferent for us enlisted Navy living off base. Welch's grape juice, vodka, and some other stuff long forgotten made for a smooth and quick drunken orgy. I need to find that recipe again for some, ah, extra curricular activities as needed.

    There was another one we called "Pink Stuff" that started with grapefruit juice, slow gin, ginger ale and some other additives I can't remember.

    I remember some rough mornings ---
  8. CRC

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    Grain Alcohol, Donald Duck OJ, Welch's Grape Juice...lots of cut up fruit....
    Put in new garbage can.....
    Move to Beach in back of someone's pick up truck...

    Party all night.

    Throw up for 2 days.

  9. jungatheart

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    I knew a woman who had some slipped to her too. Put her in a mental hospital for a bit.

    Giving drugs to someone without telling them, especially psychedelic drugs, is an evil thing to do.
  10. Brokor

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    Eating a handful of shrooms and then visiting the mall with your girlfriend and her mother is not a good idea. Just saying.
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  11. Drumbo

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    I think anything purple was acceptable, from grape juice to Kool-aid and often some Frat-house joker added a quart or two of Vodka to the mix. The brew seemed to grow more potent as the night/morning wore on and chips of dry ice were often added for ambiance. I can only remember one night during "rush-week" when we were required to run naked through snow around the dorms - most other PJ moments are thankful black holes in my memory, but I've heard tales I'm not proud of and those morning afters crawling in the shower were brutal.

    After a semester of college in Nebraska almost killed me, Navy boot camp in Orlando was a vacation.
  12. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker


    2 fifths everclear
    2 fifths 151 rum
    30lbs assorted fruit
    2 2 liter bottles Mountain dew
    40lbs crushed ice
    Assorted fruit/citrus juices to fill
    1 35 gallon garbage can (clean!)

    In a cooler slice fruit into bite sized pieces and add 1 bottle of booze... soak over night.... dump contents of cooler into garbage can... add the rest of the booze and mt dew ... add 20lbs of ice and start adding juices (hawaiian punch was the mainstay of our pj with oj, grapefruit juice, pinapple juice, and grape added for flavor and depending on cost).. folks tended to add extra booze through the night.. principly vodka and rum...

    add women and start the party... :D
  13. drdave

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    Folks have been picking shrooms in cow pies here in the southeast since the seventies. Fairly easy to identify. relatively mild in effect however dose dependent. There is current research underway using these agents successfully in some psychiatric disorders. I would remind Dragonfly that cow dung is a terrific organic fertilizer and that many of the foods he eats have been grown using this.
  14. CRC

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    Yep. What the man said...and "dose dependent" is the key phrase there.....

    I did have a little fun with a teenager who came to me one day after ingesting a lot...A LOT. He's 33 now and still tells that story to this day....I asked him why he came to me...and he said "Because you've always been so cool about stupid things we do.." lol!
  15. Joseph Thomas

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    I don't remember all the ingredients (Guess it was pretty good) but back in ROK during the 70's we made what we called torpedo juice. Get a barrel, add two or more cases of "Nighttrain wine" couple bottles of vodka, pineapples, pupaya's, whatever else fresh fruit you got your hands on and then whatever else was in your personal stash. Start the barbeque and get the ribs going. By the end of the day everybody was mellow as hell and had full stomaches. Those were good days!
  16. ghrit

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    Ahhhh, yes. Torpedo juice. The real thing is grain alcohol used for a number of things on board ship, especially but not limited to submarines.
  17. sticks65

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    In my younger year I dabbled with Magic shrooms and had no bad side effects and it was an enjoyable experience.[aiw]

    It not illegal to pick them in the UK but it is illegal to process them,by process I mean dry them out but you can just throw a few in your pasta and that cool.[contract]

    You can find Magic shrooms in Wales in abundance just growing in the fields,never picked them out of cow poop though.[gasmask]
  18. Gordo

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    "Yes I'm just like a mushroom. They keep me in the dark and feed me bull%$@!"

    Hallucinogenics are something that I couldn't recommend to others.

    Any drugs or even alcohol for that matter, are subject to what is known as "Set and Setting". Where you are, who you are with, how you are mentally feeling, what you have had to eat etc etc are the variables. With mushrooms this is most pertinent.

    I had a 'blue meannie' mushroom milkshake at the 'Midnight Oil Bar' in Kuta Bali in '92.
    It was prepared by a local chef and was therefore probably a correctly measured dose. I was also supervised by my wife and we were in a secure resort style area.

    The experience was fantastic, awakening, centering, loving, and humbling. At the same time it was frightening, confusing, jumbled and vivid. At times it bordered on terror.

    Probably - 'A permanent and irriversable Melting and melding with the earth', would be my best discription.

    Although there is little or no concept of time, it was like riding an a un-maintained roller coaster ride to nowhere... and eveywhere.
    I was indeed glad that it ended - some 6 hours later.
    Although not what I would call - 'Flashbacks' - it branded me with thoughts to ponder for many years later.

    In NO WAY a "Druggies" substance, or an off-handed Saturday night laugh.

    ***Experience at your own peril.......or benefit***
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