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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Aug 14, 2012.

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    been there since 1999/ 2000 .

    were 2012 , and i read them daily .

    Hype and fiction .. PLEASE !!!
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    I am just waiting for them to make us retrofit them into our vehicles with carbs and points. At least then we could disconnect and the vehicle will still run
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    My point was, before, manufacturers had a choice; now, they do not. Just more govt. meddling...a little at a time. The next thing you know, you're driving habits/destinations are captured real-time.
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    Got OnStar? How about Progressive Insurance under the Snapshot program? They already can.

    Not sure about Fords MySync not examined it yet but I've got my suspicions.

    Hell the manufactures love the stuff. First is was for their own R&D stuff. then they could use it to dispute 'Sudden Acceleration' claims.

    Data is just data until someone slices and dices it. for good or ill.

    Typically it starts out for good, then nothing good can come of it.

    And there are numerous services that offer real time tracking of:
    employees in your vehicles, carrying co. owned equipment (cell,laptop).
    It's been in action for years.

    Lots of the big trucking firms use it in their logistics planning.

    and as you said, now being pushed down the throat of the consumer.

    It's unfortunate that a lot of these are hard wired into your cars ability to operate. If one were to disconnect the EDR, the car .. she be dead.
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    OK...fine, if they're all doing it and love it, why does govt. need to be involved? My bet is that the .gov is going to start looking for ways to use this to tax you (e.g., leadfoot, high-mileage). If it's not about must be about money.
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    I'll bet you are right on that $$.

    Another side benefit is Control.
    where, when, what, with facial recognition in traffic cams and other security cameras they will have the who. All they need to waterboard out of you is why as they will have the rest of the story.
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    A few years back I saw a piece on TV where the cops want a remote kill switch on cars, that would be as bad as tracking.

    Freedom ? Privacy ? Obsolete concepts. Alles In Ordnung.
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    You two just go at the post's .

    I really can't read the drivel of crap , that "You think"
    I read it the stuff , "Daily 4 my position of my job"
    Since 1996-2000 I can read indepth info. 2001- stardate/pico .

    You know why the .010 ' feeler blade was non ferrous / brass ? (carbs & points ) 1960's stuff in the "real world" Catch UP !!!
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    Heck...they've got that and conned people into paying for it as a "service." This is just the road to everyone's wheels being in a database and all of this info (plus kill-switch) being available with a few keystrokes.
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    Just whack off the Cell Antenna on the vehicle, and cut the coax leading from the Black Box to the Antenna in a few places.... The car will still run, just fine, but NO ONE can dial in and do squat to the car, because it will never answer the Phone...... ......
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    The black box has been on engines for the railroad for years. It records eveything from how fast your running to is the bell ringing to how long you blow the horn plus of course your location. And now when you go by a way point on the line your on it downloads all the info and sends it to some airhead at HQ. So if you did the smallest thing wrong(like blow the horn for 14 seconds instead of 15 seconds) it throughs up a red flag and you get a phone call (which is not good). Also if the way point didnt work or somthing else happens ( like some dumb@#% runs the crossing gates or don'st look to see if a train is coming then Wham light out) Then here comes some company prick with his laptop plugs it in and knows everything that went on plus video to. Trust me this guys know how to read the download down to the last inch. B T i wish some times i could just unplug it but they know that to plus that a big no no. Then uncle Sam gets in the mix (FRA) and its a 10 grand fine to me.
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    With the price of gas and food they better mandate it in my wore down boots if it's going to do them any good .
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