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    We have any black poowder shooters out there. Black powder may be an old thing and when you shoot it everyone can see where you are. But (and I say that carefully) in a pinch a blackpowder weapon can kill you just as a modern weapon can. You may not have the distance or the fire power, but they still can kill.
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    I hunt big game with a 54 Hawkins
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    I have well over 20 blackpowder rifles and revolvers, a mix of Flintlock and percussion, and a hand made Matchlock.

    One other thing about Blackpowder, you can make it yourself.
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    2 rifles that I shoot often enough to know their pet loads. One scoped one not. Taken plenty of deer with both. I sure wouldn't want to be hit with a .530 soft lead round ball if it were me. 2 hand made single shot pistols, 45 cal and 54 cal. pet loads well known for them too. They shoot true for me to 25 yards, probably a good bit farther but I don't push it. One fine 45 cal Ruger Old Army in Stainless Steel 6 shot revolver. It will get it done also. 24 pounds of 2f and 3f Goex real black powder and several thousand caps and a ton of lead mined from spent government 45ACP ranges while in the service. I think I am prepared for the worst. Oh, and I too have dabbled with making my own black powder. I have a couple books on it. Its a messy pain mixing the ingredients up with urine as the binder, corning it through a screen and drying it but it did work. Loads of fun when it goes bang and gets the job done.
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    I have three cap&ball revolvers and an inline TC rifle I play with now and again. Cleanup is a PITA, but they are fun to shoot, and more accurate than many people think!
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