Black water blew the rig?

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by ISplatU, Jun 26, 2010.

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    the last portion of the video with the mass evacuation bus was from a video that is at least 2 years old.
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    [BSf][beat]:oops:[loco][alllies][yukface][woot][newb][fart][banghead][oops][raspberry][flush][deadhorse]hga[yukface]. ISplatU, I can be a man of few words. This about sums up my opinion of the video. Do you understand?
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    I was out in this mangrove swamp in my canoe hunting hogs. I had my .308 dpms AR-10. Then I saw them..... At first I thought... what the hell is that? That color of baby blue isn't natural here in the swamp. I kept still and flicked off the safety and let them come closer. It was six silvery little men with huge heads, atop which sat UN helmets, paddling along in olive drab one man kayaks. These helmets had to be size 12 or 14 at least. Four of them had rifles slung cross strapped across their backs, the other two had web gear on , but I could see no weapons. My camo painted canoe and mossy oak duds and facepaint was doing it's job as I sat there silently unmoving. As they passed abreast of me at about 70 yards the wind carried to me their speech. It was sharp and gutteral like Russian or German. That was enough for me... I quickly threw my rifle to my shoulder and opened up on them. I worked from right to left shooting the last man/alien/UN foriegn invader/German/Russian, whatever, first, shooting the riflemen first, one or two rapid shots on each, then the two others. There was a lot of shouting by them but I understood none of it and said nothing. I changed magazines sometime during the action but don't remember exactly when. When the action locked open on the second empty 20 round magazine, I realized I had no more targets. All kayaks were upset nothing was moving except some settling ripples. I watched for awhile from a semi concealed position next to a big cypress tree. I reloaded. I watched. After 15 minutes or so I back paddled slowly away keeping a sharp eye on the area where their upset kayaks lay.
    That's just the way it happened, .... honest!
    And to think, I have my life to thank to ISplatU's timely warning.
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    RT (Russia today) they put out alot of inflammatory stuff under that lable including the "Sorcha Faal" "news stories"from high up in the russian govt. which are known hoaxes.
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    I have to disagree. You are pretty prolific with your words and opinions.

    When did love of Country become the love of Government? I don't care if we have a Republican, a Democrat or an Alien in charge of the country... I can still Love this country (or what it was), and hate all of it's leaders and find their motives and allegiance to a World Government vile.

    I think that this 'catastrophe' was planned and is to bring in the changes to environmental law/taxes that failed in Copenhagen. How hard is it to dot these lines together?
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    I don't know if it was planned (deffinetly not saying it wasn't) but the lack of action after the fact can only back up what you have said. If I was a betting man I would bet that you are pretty much spot on.

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    Maybe the lack of action prior to and after the "accident" is just showing the level of incompetence of politicians. Maybe we are giving these "elite" more credit than they deserve?

    It seems every time a government official drops the ball, the stories come out that it was their intention and they have some master plan. Maybe it's just that they are bumbling idiots.
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    I can't fault the pols all that readily. Most of them would be lucky to have the technical know-now to stop a pot from boiling over, much less deal with a well blow out. The right folks to handle it are the folks that knew how to make the mess in the first place. Yeah, bumbling idiots in all areas except spin, and most of that is inept, too.
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    Blackwater blew the rig? I think not !!! To even in any seriousness throw that into the mix is insane and inflamitory and misleading. I respect truth not lies. I am not a fan of big government or our present two party system !!! You should know this of me, .... for indeed I have a big mouth and am not ashamed to say what I believe !!! I love what this country was. I am ashamed at what it has become !!! I believe our overpaid government leaders and their minions let the people down in their ignorance and lack of oversight that allowed such an accident as happened in the gulf oil spill/blowout. I will not submit to a NWO or allow armed foriegn troops on US soil exerting NWO BS upon US citizens to go unchallenged and bloodless.
    So other than me not being a man of few words, what else do you disagree with ???
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    I was not tring to insite inflamatory, or sarcastic posts. I was just looking for insightful thought.
    I did say I did not belive it myself, but that it was plausable. I just wanted to know if anyone had some info I did not.
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    Relax ISplatU, while I in no way believe Blackwater had a hand in the situation in the gulf, and have been pretty clear in stating such. The oversight department, Minerals Management or whatever has no clue about deep water drilling, and their regulations which might have some purpose on land and shallow water, just were not adequate to protect us from this catastify. Don't take all this too personally. It ain't you, it's me.... I have a tendency to drive thumb tacks with a 15 pound sledge hammer in debates on issues. It does not endear me to anyone in the conversation, and I can't seem to keep from doing it. My bad....
    My comments should have been directed at the video, and not you.
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    Sometimes a cigar is just a smoke.
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