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Discussion in 'Technical' started by DarkLight, Aug 11, 2014.

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    We had a Ford vehicle with the Sync system installed which has the GPS/Map/ hands free/ECT. The map system worked great... you could just tell the system where you wanted to go with voice prompts and 95% of the time it did the job flawless. Now if you go out into the boonies... more caution is advised.... ;) I was over in central WA looking at property and the map tried to put me on a snowmobile trail.... ha ha. :rolleyes:
    The Mrs sure misses that capability to find where she is and how to get home, now that we traded in that vehicle for one without that system.....

    If one were looking for a new vehicle I would definitely recommend one with that system installed.....
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    Last year three ladies traveling at night in a rented van drove into a lake off a boat ramp following GPS instructions. Thinking it was a Hertz vehicle.
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    Actually it was just south of Bellevue, Washington, and they were foreign tourists, and totaled the car...
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