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Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by azrancher, Jan 6, 2016.

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    We have them wild around here. Dewberries and Blackberries are considered the same thing around here as well, but they are different, and come in a few weeks apart in my AO. Particularly if you are planting them in rows where you don't have to reach in through a tangle of tree, briars, muscadine, and go knows what to reach them, I wouldn't see any difference between thorned vs unthorned.
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    Down here in SENM, I've been babying along some blackberry canes for several years. The ones that survived and are thriving are the ones right next to the sprinkler head and a couple under the drip pan of our window a/c unit. They like water. Lots of water.

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    Well I've bought from this guy in TX before, he ignores the fact that several states don't allow certain fruit and nut trees to be imported, I think it goes back to old school disease control in the 50's, we no longer have produce inspection stations, CA still does...

    What a waste of taxpayers dollars.

  6. Mindgrinder

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    Pretty invasive and hard to get rid of in my AO.
    If they aint natural there - I'd think 10x aboot planting them.
    Goats like'em - thorns and all....but they spread like crazy.
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    Up here in the NW, blackberries are invasive and can become very troublesome. I would suggest that if you want to go with blackberries and your AO will support them (water could be a factor for the AZ neighborhood), plant them on the edges of your property to create a defensive barrier like we do up here.

    The invaders will try to go through your choke points vs going through the thorns.... they are dense packing and very difficult to maneuver through. I think you could find a great video of NW blackberries in one of @Mindgrinder threads he did some time back last summer.
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    LOL, you posted as I was noting your video you did last year, maybe you should throw it up here to show others the potential ;)
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    I would agree with this. Back East they grow wild and thick, out here in the West I do not see many. Good luck @azrancher if you decide to plant them.
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    Skip to 2 minutes in...the whole trail into the back is walled by blackberries.
    If i had 10 'migrant' workers for a week who didnt' mind sharp thorns...
    I could harvest tons and tons and tons.
    So many seeds off each berry....unless u hot burn...they'll come back forever.

    errr...dont mind the shopping cart garden thumbnail....i made it for uh...kellory.
  11. Yard Dart

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    Thank you sir!!

    AZR..... this is what we navigate through in the NW as routine...... blackberries run amok.
    Good luck with your endeavor, I am sure you can control them better down there with selective watering. .
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  13. Mindgrinder

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    That vid makes me was right before we had the dogs eye op.
    Got lots more trail cut wayyyy into the back now for a quad trail.
    #hillbillyparadise - well almost.
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    Water is not a problem in here in AZ, people wanting to let natural streams run free are a problem. My creek has been running since Sept 15, it will probably dry up first week in June.

    We use CatClaw as a barrier, Mirmosa I believe is what it is called in Spanish. You don't go through it, blackberry have nothing in common to it.

    I was more interested in knowing why there are so many different varieties, and I assume that the thorned bushes bear the best fruit.

    We only have wild strawberries in the wild, but no blackberries.

  15. Motomom34

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    Well that is an interesting question. I am sure many have been tweaked and modified. Dunno.... probably the same reason there are 50 different toothpastes, people want variety and some work better then others. Depends on the situation and conditions. Good question.
  16. Mindgrinder

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    I bring flats of solo-cups filled with wild thorn blackberries into my yuppie liberal office every year....
    Rave reviews on how much sweeter....or more sour they are early compared to $6 market quarts.
    Any blackberry that is thornless....hmmm...i can see a desire for it but I'd have to test if it's as sweet as wild thorn.
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    I don't know I planted a white seedless grape (Thompson) and a red seedless grape (I forget...) The Red Seedless produces like mad, and are very sweet and seedless, I wish I could remember what I planted.

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