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blackpowder cannon

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by spero, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. spero

    spero Monkey+

    anyone know the legality of these in ohio
    i have did a lot of research and from what i can tell as long as they are modeled after the old pre-1800 versions and are muzzle loaders they do not qualify as handguns and their is no law against making them. at least not federally. i was just wondering if anyone new about ohio laws. i can not find them in the law
  2. Jack Cracker

    Jack Cracker Monkey+

    not sure. We used to use them for reenactment and they were generally exempt
  3. Bear4570

    Bear4570 Monkey+

    According to this one would think so...Here is the ordiance # to look up for further reading.

    Lawriter - ORC - 2923.11 Weapons control definitions.

    Section 2923.11 Ohio Weapons control definitions

    (L) “Dangerous ordnance” does not include any of the following:
    (1) Any firearm, including a military weapon and the ammunition for that weapon, and regardless of its actual age, that employs a percussion cap or other obsolete ignition system, or that is designed and safe for use only with black powder;
    (2) Any pistol, rifle, or shotgun, designed or suitable for sporting purposes, including a military weapon as issued or as modified, and the ammunition for that weapon, unless the firearm is an automatic or sawed-off firearm;
    (3) Any cannon or other artillery piece that, regardless of its actual age, is of a type in accepted use prior to 1887, has no mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or other system for absorbing recoil and returning the tube into battery without displacing the carriage, and is designed and safe for use only with black powder;
    (4) Black powder, priming quills, and percussion caps possessed and lawfully used to fire a cannon of a type defined in division (L)(3) of this section during displays, celebrations, organized matches or shoots, and target practice, and smokeless and black powder, primers, and percussion caps possessed and lawfully used as a propellant or ignition device in small-arms or small-arms ammunition;
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