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    Here is the write-up "My homemade black powder" - Cast Boolits

    Linked are instructions on making blackpowder. Some consider an old flintlock as an ideal survival firearm if an event puts you into the 1700s technology. Not sure I agree (not sure I disagree either), but black powder has other dynamic uses as well.

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    Very Nice write-up... I keep proficient with my BP firearms, as I hold them, as my Ultimate Backup Weapons. I have two 50 Cal Rifles, My Ruger Old Army .44 in Stainless, and a .45 Cal Tower Flintlock Pistol. My 10# of FFFG will keep me in Powder, for a very long time, and I can compound my own Powder, from local ingredients, should I begin to run low. ..... YMMV.....
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    Awesome write up - I may have to go play Mr. Wizard when I go visit my Brother in PA
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