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    Is anyone interested in how to make their own forge or chain mail armor? If so I can post pictures and steps to make your own
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    Check in the blades subforum, there are some forge descriptions there that might save you some typing, or you might see some improvements that can be made to yours or theirs.

    Welcome aboard.
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    Thank you. I'll check it out. I just usually post more pictures and video than typing. My friend showed me a really easy forge to make. I'm almost done with my first blade
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    Blacksmith's finish last!

    Saw your post saying you were a smith. Me too. New here and looking for friends............Ross:D
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    Maybe you two can forge a friendship... :lol:
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    I like the pun lol. But it sound good. It looks like there is already a lot of open forums on making knives. I'll have to fine something that hasn't been covered yet
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    I already have a set i made...9 ring kings mail... and some chain palmed fencing gauntlets... gotta have something to do when you are being put back togeather ...;)
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    9 ring?... Yeah I guess you did have some time. We should put some plans for chain mail back up since the dcwireworks sure went down. They had a lot of great plans
  9. Witch Doctor 01

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    It's from my SCA Glory days... i spent a lot of time in rehab after an accident and it helped get my hands back in shape
  10. I have been known to beat on metal a few times. Wouldn't call myself a smith though.

    I would like to see some stuff on mail chain. I have played at SCA also but again never really wanted mail, but now I would at least like to see how ya'll do it.

    I did enjoy the meat pies at the faire though.

    Most of my work has been on making knifes that I cannot find or afford. or turning out a part that I need.

    Anyway I will gladly read what you should choose to share.

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    I hope that any and all master and aspiring blacksmiths will find a happy home on Survival Monkey.

    I do not have much mechanical aptitude but I certainly do envy those who do. Especially those who craft interesting and needful things for we prepper folks.
  12. beating metal isn't something that one can master in a day, but a quick trip to harbor freight will get you a anvil (cast so not the best) and a hammer.

    scrounge some metal (heck go buy a leaf spring at the junk yard)

    While you are there get a break drum off a car and scounge some pipe to plumb in a tuyure and use an old shop vac reversed to feed air. (you can make a constriction to control air flow.

    Boom you have a simple forge, anvil etc.

    Oh, grab a pack of files at harbor freight (old flew market ones and high quality ones are very very worth the cost)

    And a cheap hack saw to cut metal to length instead of using the hardy and a cut off fitting.

    There are some pdf files on blacksmithing, and I need to see if I can locate my copies and put them where they can be shared, but with strong google fu (actually i use start page for security but still same same) you can find these.

    a cheap dollar store magnet glued / taped to a stick will let you know when the metal for a knife hits the "red - non magnetic" point for hardening, then you can temper in a 400 - 500 degree oven for a few hours.

    To anneal just heat cherry red and then let air cool to soften it for filing / shaping.

    Oh, and if you can grab a cheap harbor freight vise and some clamps.

    That about sets you up for simple metal beating.

    Of course improvise when and where you like / can is ok too.

    just any piece of metal and a hammer and a way to heat stuff is the cheap way to start out.

    I had an old chock that was used to hold rail road cars in place to beat on (it was metal) and started with a ball peen hammer and used a torch to heat up metal for making my first few knives. (and yep they were crude, but they would sharpen up and cut stuff. heck my stuff still is crude, but oldest son, now he is an artist with metal.)

    Sorry for the ramble but there it is. I get started n just see where i end up.

    Have fun out there.
    Oh, if you use the oven, it may stink up the house. don't say I did not warn ya when the missus gets onto ya.

    a toster oven outside is safer from ticking off the wife.

    Also, remember I had a stroke, so some of what I write, i accidentally stick in a wrong word or number, so double check me in case i got something bassackwards.

    And as usual this info is worth exactly what ya paid for it.
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