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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Feb 14, 2009.

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    surfing around I was reading a discussion between an anti and a gun owner about the 2nd in general and the blair holt bill in particular. the anti was just infuriating,(seemingly blind with fear of "gunowners","whackos",and "gunnuts",.
    I wondered if we are not just better off split into two countries??? I don't want to hurt anyone, I just want to be left alone. and not pushed anymore. I'm not ramboI, but I think I know how the character felt. This blair holt thing is scary.there's no talking to these people.[beat][beat]
    " We don't like your kind..."
    "I just want something to eat".
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    That is exactly the problem! The Antis paint us all as crazies, dangerous to the children of most folks - "non-gunners" I call them. So we shouldn't fear the few loud Antis, but rather the many non-gunners who have been fed the pap of the Brady Bunch and others. These are the people who will allow the egregious legislation to pass. And so, another important freedom is lost, given up willingly by We The People.

    And Pelosi will cackle with glee...... :oops:
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    i had a disagreement with a guy at work today.he was talking about the 11yr old shooting his mom.he was horrified that the kid's dad bought him a shotgun.

    i told him both my boys had shotguns at 10yrs old and the legal hunting age in our state is 10 when accompanied by an adult.i also said the shooting was an access issue,not a firearm kids guns are locked in the safe at all times,they're single shots,and they both learned firearm safety.their guns come out for the range and to go hunting,that's it.i'm right next to them at all times when they have them,and there hasn't been a problem yet.

    he couldn't get past this,or understand what i was saying.some people don't have a clue.
  4. dragonfly

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    Guns don't kill people....People kill people!
    Cars dont drive drunk, people do!
    It's never going to get into their heads that it's the people that are the problem, not anything else, or they'd have to ban all: rocks, hammers. screwdrivers, trees, skis, boats, nailguns...OOPS! ( now I've done it!)
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    These morons do what lazy people always do, take the 'path of least resistance'. It's always easier to blame the material object than to admit than some people are just no good. The Libtards will always think the better of the criminal - "give him a chance", "he was abused", "he is misunderstood!"

    Sometimes, a PERSON is just BAD. Doesn't matter what tool they misuse - if they want to hurt someone, they will. Makes far more sense to punish the criminal - but that is too much like hard work.
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