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    Ex British P.M Tony Blair is under pressure for misleading the house of commons.
    Things are unraveling like a bad sweater...[gone]:lol:

    Throwing the rulebook at Blair

    By Sue Cameron
    Published: October 15 2008 03:00 | Last updated: October 15 2008 03:00

    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> function floatContent(){var paraNum = "3" paraNum = paraNum - 1;var tb = document.getElementById('floating-con');var nl = document.getElementById('floating-target');if(tb.getElementsByTagName("div").length> 0){if (nl.getElementsByTagName("p").length>= paraNum){nl.insertBefore(tb,nl.getElementsByTagName("p")[paraNum]);}else {if (nl.getElementsByTagName("p").length == 3){nl.insertBefore(tb,nl.getElementsByTagName("p")[2]);}else {nl.insertBefore(tb,nl.getElementsByTagName("p")[0]);}}}}</script>Is the prison cell beckoning for Tony Blair? A glance through my copy of Erskine May, the parliamentary procedure bible that dates back to 1832, suggests the former prime minister's future could be dire. This tome is a page turner when it comes to "misleading the House", "corruption in the execution of a member's duty" and - best of all - "penal jurisdiction". The rules could be crucial because Michael Martin, the Commons Speaker, has ordered an inquiry into claims that Mr Blair "deliberately misled" parliament.
    Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act reportedly show that he ordered Formula One to be exempted from a ban on tobacco advertising hours after he met the sport's boss, Bernie Ecclestone, who had given £1m to Labour. Mr Blair told parliament the decision was not made right after the meeting.
    Erskine May says "the acceptance by any member of either House of a bribe to influence him in his conduct . . . or of any fee, compensation or reward in connection with the promotion of or opposition to any bill, resolution, matter or thing submitted or intended to be submitted to the House or any committee thereof is a breach of privilege. Members of the House who have been found guilty of such an offence have been expelled or committed." The word "committed" means the slammer. "Offenders committed by order of either house are either detained in one of HM prisons or in the custody of Black Rod or the Serjeant-at-Arms."
    The Commons can treat the making of a deliberately misleading statement as a contempt. Mr Blair must be hoping they do not. The rules also say (you will like this bit): "those who are committed for contempt may not be admitted to bail."
    Now for the sad bit. (Hankies ready? Start wailing and gnashing of teeth on the count of three.) It is not going to happen even if the case goes against Mr B. I am assured by those who know that these fine and ancient rules have lapsed . . . or been superseded by modern laws. The Commons has not so much as fined anyone since 1666 and they do not seem to have banged up an hon. member since 1880. (I am told Europe would have something to say if they tried it today.) But wait! There could be one very small loophole.
    Commons' committees have powers to send for people and papers and failure to show is a contempt of the House. The only people who cannot be forced to attend are MPs and peers. Mr Blair was an MP when he allegedly misled the Commons but he is not one now and nor is he in the Lords. If summoned he would have to go. What sanctions could he face? Tory MP Peter Luff, who is leading attempts to bring Mr B to book, favours a very public apology.
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    Bush and Blair misled us all with the WMD mumbo jumbo that have cost HOW many lives?

    I hardly think the issue of ciggy advertising will cause any of them to bat an eyelid.
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    B-lair and his time in office and what he did will always leave a nasty taste in my mouth, he and his policy was the main reason why I decided to turn my back on the UK and take up residence in Germany. His abandoning ship and leaving the job to Gordon Brown, whom I must add must still be confirmed by an election, which will never happen, just postponed the inevitable.

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