Blaming acts of nature on actions of humans

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    I'm seeing things in the media that tend to put the blame for this present hurricane, Matthew, on the actions of humans that have caused the unverified and debated Global Warming.

    This is the first hurricane in Florida in a decade!

    I get the feeling that the Deep State is attempting to herd the people into highly populated areas after some great natural calamity occurs. Blaming Global Warming brought on by mankind, and we must create Green Zones, and keep the people in the cities where they will be easier to control.

    Well, I don't like city life - so - catch me if you can!
  2. chimo

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    Since when do you gotta live in a city to be green? :D

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    I love to think about global warming as I walk through the New England woods and look at the rocks left by the glaciers and the scratches on the bed rock. We have accurate climate data going back a little over 100 years, are as far as we know it are in a period between two glacier events, know that there is a longer term wet-dry cycle in the world, and make religious statements about how we are changing everything and mother Gia insists we must stop all change and go back to our simpler roots. Course that also means that most of us have to die, but sacrifices must be made and they will see that you and not them die! Funny how few people dying of starvation seem to be in favor of preserving nature and how strongly they are in favor of doing anything to grow more food.
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    It is a symptom of Man's descent from reason to superstition. If we have a drought kill the Witch Doctor (not our @Witch Doctor 01 :eek:) or the Chief and the gods may like the new one better. The planet's environment and weather will change with or without us. It did it long before we were here and will do it long after we are gone.

    Does our presence make a change? Yes, even observation will change anything even if it's not measurable.

    Does our presence make a significant change? Can't tell because all the "science" is politically motivated regardless of "outcome". Frankly I'm even skeptical of the skeptics.
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    During the time of the early Christian Crusades, which was well before the industrial revolution, there was a documented very warm period on earth. Also polar shifts on planet earth are well documented scientific facts. Also very pre-industrial era. Populations of humans were much smaller than now. HOW WAS ANY OF THIS POSSIBLE except for variables with mother nature and the universe we are just insignificant ignorant children trying to understand and control?
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    I agree with Oltymer. The people who control this country, not necessarily the elected officials, want everyone herded into the cities, with constraints put on fuel supplies and modes of transportation. Right now, this country is too mobile to control. And it's difficult and expensive to keep an eye on everyone living outside of urban areas.
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