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    melbo said it was ok to post this here....

    My Buffett group ...well..we have done a lot of things for the troops this past year..
    I'll post the links so you can see...

    But Crash has asked for help.....They need blankets...It is Winter there now...and they are operating on 3 hours electricity a day...

    I am posting his request..and the address if anyone wants to help...Great bunch of guys, in the Green Zone...We have had a ball doing things for them....

    Here is his post..

    I need your help guys. My brother has started a project over in Iraq collecting blankets for the Army to distribute to the citizens of Baghdad. Winter is about to set in and they are still operating with no more than 3 hours of electricity a day. I would like to see how we could help him but don't want to go to the well too often so to speak.

    What do you think? Could we help? Any ideas? Any contacts?

    Thanks pholks!

    Send them to:

    Mike Jackson (no jokes, he's heard it long enough )
    KBR D-2
    APOAE 09348

    Thanks to everyone who participates and Happy Thanksgiving.

    1st Annual Baghdad Buffett Fest

    These are some of the links to what we've done if you are ever so inclined to take a look at my little world..and the crazy, wonderful people who inhabit it.... ;)
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    This is just one of the letters we got that made me proud to be a very small part of what all we have done...

    Greetings all,
    I want to thank you for the Buffettfest in Baghdad. I was reading your postings and now fully realize the extent of the planning and contributions that it took to get this thing off the ground.

    Well, let me tell you the event was amazing - not just by Iraqi standards! It was certainly the best time that I have had over here. To answer a few questions that I saw posted:
    > no most of us had nothing tropical to wear; we are not allowed out of uniform.
    > Yes, this was probably the first dry Buffettfest ever.
    > No, we did not get the Iraqis to talk like a pirate. But we did get some Sri Lankan guards dressed up in Leis and beads over their kevlar!
    > No, the cheeseburgers were not from Paradise, they were from KBR.

    My room mate is from New Orleans, this is the second Mari-gras that he has ever missed since he was 12 years old. The only other one he was serving in Bosnia. He had a big box full of beads from perhaps the last Mari-Gras and passed them all out. He had been saving them for the right time, and last night was perfect. The beads were a big hit and he was awarded one of the coveted Tropical silk shirts for his contribution.

    I went away with a Desert Parothead Baghdad shirt and I will treasure it always. I will save the postcard that was handed out to me from Margaritaville in my box of things to save from this place.

    I really can't tell you how much fun we had, it was such a stress relief and the music was great. My friends commented this was the first time in months they have seen me smile and genuinely laugh. I have been a Buffett fan since the late 80's and it was great to sit back, relax and enjoy the scene. I owe that all to you.

    Again, thank you so much for your hard work and participation in supporting the troops over here. Your party was a huge success.

    BTW - Somebody needs to post the Baghdad version of Margartaville. It was written by a couple of national guardsmen. I'm not much for ambushing Buffett songs, but this was really great!

    Thanks much,
    Charles Blake
    CPT, SP
    86th Combat Support Hospital
    Baghdad, Iraq
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    You gotta be kidding, Mike Jackson! I have a medic in my unit named Michael Jackson. He is a big headed Indian, kids in Kosovo thought it was funny, "You no Michael Jackson, you no black"
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    Niether is Micheal :eek:
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    Thats great CRC
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    I went to Dollar General and am sending 15 blankets....

    Just didn't know if anyone wanted to send any....they need them..and I know one of ours has family over there now......

    Crash has been sent home for befriending a LN...the story is there in the links......

    Interesting reading.....
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