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    I am not sure if a VA disability payment falls under this or not. If it does let me tell you, unlike some other federal employees who retire but also are found to rate a disability it is not added on top of their retirement pay. Military retirees get screwed compared to other federal retirees. In our case, our percentage, mine is a measily 10% (I am bone on bone at the right knee, and have constant pain, running is out of the question, it is service connected). In my case 10% is subtracted from my monthly gross retirement pay and then not taxed as my other retirement pay is. Then I receive that in a seperate disbursment from the VA. Some of the LEOs and Firemen need to speak up here about their bretheren who work full duty all their carreers, then magically become 50% - 75% - !00% disabled days or minutes before retirement and game the system to the max. jus sayin. Don't get me wrong, their are plenty of first responders who have legitimate medical disabilities, but their are another group who are con artists. I have quite a few near me who are transplants from south florida who brag about it.
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    Tac: Not sure if VA benefits come under this, but, I don't think vets are the issue. Plus, getting VA benefits is a not easy...too many denials. I think most guys would give up before they got anything.
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