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  1. Tango3

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    "its full of stars...." (david bowman's last transmission)
    or "its all Bull hockey"...(??)
    Thanks to new monkey Glockenboomers' comment inthepentagon thread I have to present these tin foil quashing thoughts..(well I guess I don't "have to"...)
    Almost all of the tin foil topics out there depend on the neo-con/ nwo conspiracy for world domination "brought to the surface by the 911 attack. if 911 was a manipulated incident all the pieces turned just so are "made" to fit. fema camps executive orders, fear and the oval office.etc...

    BUT if 911
    happened exactly as "they"reported it.
    there is no hidden agenda to the neo-cons, fema camps are truly back up housing for ice sweeps. Red/blue lists are ficticious fear mongering.

    All the homeland security surveillance is done legally and considered necessary by those responsible for security. however over zealous... the present administration is no more criminal than any other.

    Martial law if enacted is legal and necessary to protect lives and property. Any talk of resistance is not helping the situation...
    electronic money will never be used to manipulate me anymore than cash is today.
    Tooo.....much.... light...Whoa, this hurts...[beat][beat]????
    Egad!!! My gov will feed and protect me from freezing???
    Yum beer and pizza and american idol (guns are not necessary) snooooozze....
    "the dude abides"...

  2. overbore

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    Yes!!! Don't you know the IRS is here to help you? [lolol]
  3. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    BOHICA... :)
  4. Quantrill

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    BOHICA, indeed.
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