Blood Boiling !!! Moozlim's attacking Grave's

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gator 45/70, Apr 24, 2012.

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    The Religion of peace my a$$ !!!!!
    They won't be happy till we play cowboys and Muslims !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hummm not on the nightly news... wonder why???
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    Why isn't it ever news when white delinquent kids do the same thing?
    Desecration is desecration regardless of who commits it and IMO the penalty oughta be death.
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    I won't be happy til we play "Cowboys & Muslims", and no putting the survivors into reservations this time! They must learn that 'jihad' works BOTH ways, and it's past time for a new Crusade. [gun]
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    They wont be happy after that either but the survivors will KNOCK THAT SH$T OFF.
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    Wondering where our Resident Aussie is, and why HE hasn't commented of the desecration of his Countrymen's Graves...... Just Wondering.... HMMV....
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    It takes brave men to go after 65 year old graves. I'm a little nervous about going head to head with these warriors.
  10. Too bad I wasn't driving by at the time. Being Portuguese (original crusaders) killing jihad fanatics is like a national sport and my PX4 can get a lot .40s&w flying your way in a hurry. Then the car stops and the onslaught of a formidable riffle arsenal will for sure spread the fear of God around. This should not be tolerated. Period.
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    Then people wants to get mad at me because I didn't see the problem with a few soldiers pi$$ing on their dead or when they were stripped and staked on top of each other naked. Im the one people say have a problem with showing compassion to others and their cultures. I will say it as I always have these people are a disrespectful evil people who has no compassion and must be met on the battlefield and places around the world with the same tactics. Evil deeds must be met with Evil deeds not an understanding heart when these people are met with any thing other than violant tactics they take it for weekness.
  12. Right you are
  13. chelloveck

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    1. The resident Aussie has been celebrating ANZAC Day at his MIL's who was born on the 25th April 1915 - In Germany (it's a nice irony), though she is now a naturalised true blue Aussie.

    1.a The incident happened nearly not quite two months ago. It's old news.

    2. Although it is touching the care and concern that my SM compatriots have expressed at the desecration of Allied wargraves in Libya, I am doubtful that indulging in impotent rage will change the facts one iota. To be honest, knocking over of some masonry by a bunch of moronic goons, and the rather inept attempt at destroying a memorial cross, is not worth the loss of one life....theirs...or ours. At the end of the day...the dead, are dead...and are past careing...and, depending on what one believes...the incorporeal component of them are in heaven, hell or elsewhere, or nowhere.

    To actually do the things suggested in this thread, would be pretty futile, and indeed, is likely to play into the hands of those who provoked and orchestrated the desecration, even if it was actually that organised. . One thing that the west has consistently failed to do, is to avoid dancing to the Islamic Nationalist tune....this is possibly yet another tar baby thrown by Libyan Nationalists for the West to catch....react with force disproportionate to the hurt, only creates martyrs, and increases the recruitment pool of potential terrorists. The the US caught the 9/11 tar baby and has been running with it for over a decade now at great cost to the nation, and it is still finding it hard to dislodge. Still...the military industrial complex has done well out of it, and what is good for the MIC is good for America!

    If I were the Australian Prime Minister / Cabinet / Foreign Minister / Minister for Veteran's Affairs. I'd

    1. Repatriate all Australian War Dead from Libya home to Australia, where their continued care and respect would be assured.

    2. I would close all the Australian Military cemetaries in Libya, repatriate all Australian personnel for employment at other Australian Military cemetaries administered by the DVA. Retrench all Libyan cemetary employees (reduces income to towns where cemetaries were desecrated...that hurts the community that harboured these gooons in a direct fashion).

    3. I would withdraw all military and all civil aid from Libya with the following exceptions.

    3.a Endowments in each University in Libya, for a Chair in feminist studies, with adequate funding to run courses in feminist ideology in the broadest range of academic disciplines. Failure to enrol students in the courses and actually run them will result in funding being withheld/withdrawn. Why should western society to be the only ones with feminists challenging conservative othodoxy.

    3.b Each village, hamlet, suburb will have a pro choice family planning clinic, with free access to contraceptives. (you don't have to bomb Libyans into the stone age to reduce their population...given the choice and opportunities...women will do that for you.

    3.c Schools offering free education, but for girls and women only. I noticed that it was men knocking down headstones...didn't see a chador or hajib in sight. It will p!ss the men off that the women will get the better educational and consequential employment opportunities that the men might think that they deserve....just because they are men.

    3.d Offer a free plasma TV, kindle, DVD player and a library of Benny Hinn DVD's to every fertile male between the age of 18 and 80 if they present themselves to their nearest reproductive health clinic and have an irreversible vasectomy performed on them. When you consider the cost of killing an individual by military means through warfare... as opposed to the cost of baksheesh consumer electronics, the free TV's would be chicken feed...and besides...they deserve the cruel and unusual punishment of watching Benny Hinn in action...."Let The Bodies Hit The Floor..... Benny Hinn - Let the Bodies Hit the Floor: Smackdown Edition - YouTube" vasectomy may prevent one to three or more potential terrorists being born!

    So there you have it'all have your fantasies of letting loose the dogs of war...and creating more nationalists / terrorists than you kill....or my fantasies of infecting the muslims with the scourges of pro choice family planning, decadent consumerism and feminism. Which would be the better probably doesn't make any real difference in the scheme of things...but it is a nice anodyne for impotent rage.
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    Congrats to your MIL, may you live so long.

    I like the idea of repatriation of warriors that didn't make it home. A better way to spend the money than sending more warriors over.

    Have to say I'm less enthused about perpetual funding of any particular course of study than of general education. Case extant, the educators and politicians behind the specific women's rights movement will probably wind up dead by the hands of the militants. That would seem to be more certain than the ability of the "moderates" to bring them to justice afterwards.
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    Edit: She's a feisty woman...who survived the V1 / V2 Bombing blitz of London in WW2....she's still got a good few years ahead of her yet...she still does her own shopping and cooking though her daughters, and sometimes I do the gophering for her. At 6' tall, I reach the shelves that she can't.

    Items 3.1 and 3.2 are sensible and doable and the costs of which should be deducted from any Aid to Libya if any were to be allocated to Libya at all. The rest are much as unleashing a crusade against Libyan cemetary desecrators. Though I think the TV's for vasectomies would be an excellent aid program. The general education of women is desireable...there is a correlation between the higher education of women, and smaller family sizes and upward migration from poverty, closer towards middle classs affluence.
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    I would be mad too if I had early 90's fashion and no air conditioning.
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    I agree with honoring the dead by bringing them home and I don't get pissed when I see videos like this anymore. I expect this from the sandy part of the world. I am no longer surprised.

    As for setting up a chair in feminist studies, I would like to nominate Ms. Gloria Aldred. She is an avowed feminist and jewish so she can help create a better world, more open and understanding Libya of the future children of the next generation of Muslim Brotherhood members.

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    Double whammy!
  19. STANGF150

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    Careful yall, with as much EVIL as Chello has shown here, he just may be the DEVIL Himself!!! [reddevil]
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    Naw, He's just his lackey, and future tenant!!!!!!:D
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