Blood clotting gel

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by CATO, Jun 22, 2015.

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    kind of pricey, but not if you need it! ($150 for 5 5ml syringes) Available only for veterinary use so far.
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    I don't like the looks of it, not until it goes through proper testing. He's onto something, though.
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    proper testing or not if im bleeding to death and you got some squirt it on me ill pay ya back for it !!!!
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    I is a lot like "Liquid Stitch" (Crazy Glue) when it was first proposed, as Battlefield suture technique, in the mid 60's.... Not AMA or FDA approved, but had extensive Animal Testing already done, and Little, or no Side-effects, noted.... Was used by the .MIL and was proved in MASH Units in Nam.... Was introduced by the Returning .Mil Docs, to the Medical community, and subsequently Approved by the FDA, and AMA.... and now is commonly used where Staples, and CatGut, are inappropriate....
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    Yes, but the did adjust the formula for medical use. (Don't know what was changed, but I know they DID make a medical version)
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    Actually what happened is, that Eastman Kodak Held the Patent on it, under the Eastman 910 Product Name, and then a whole bunch of other outfits, altered the formula, Slightly, so as to fall outside the existing Patent. Eastman 910 was the original "Medical Grade" stuff that was used in Nam, and in the Animal Experiments, and a slightly modified formulation, was the first Super Glue formulation, to be approved by the FDA, in the USA, but under a different Name... DuroBond....
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    The website for Suneris, the company named in the OP's linked article is stating the product is still in the pre-order phase for both the veterinary and medical grade variations.
    @BTPost I did a search for this "Durobond" and it returned links for paint and drywall compound. foosed
    If you have a link for an available product, please post it.

    I did try several spelling variations and the best search returns were for a product called "Dermabond". [OO]
    I'm wondering what the difference (if any) between the product in the OP and Dermabond is ?
    Best thing Dermabond is it's available on Amazon.

    For those interested in acquiring this product through Amazon;
    Please use the (SHOP) link at the top of the page to benefit this forum. [coo]
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