Blood, Guts and Balls.

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    If you've never attended a high school state wrestling meet you should. It's quite a spectacle. There are literally hundreds of unique stories on how each kid got there. Once the wrestling begins you'll see young men basically wrestling/fighting as if their life depended on it. Not for money obviously but a 2 dollar medal and pride. I'm very proud of my kid for finishing 4 and 1 for 3rd. Not to brag but he was an absolute killer. He also has wicked self-defense skills forever. (Ends bragging). [afro]
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    Now he only needs some striker skills as to where to hit effectively to end the altercation quickly. along with a serious talk about use of force and deadly force. Better to break limbs and move on than actually put someone down for good (unless a weapon is involved or multiple attackers)
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    Indianapolis Sports
    I don't think Kayla has balls....but plenty of blood and guts undoubtedly....blinding her opponent was a masterful move!
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    Congrats to your son.... and the proud papa!! "he was an absolute killer" (y)

    Have you introduced him to some form of martial arts yet? It did a world of good for me, giving me the balance of patience and the knowledge of use of force...along with the understanding of when to stand up to the aggressor.... or walk away from a fight..............and when to run. ;)
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    Yes. We did Judo together for many years. If only that kid from Eastern Washington knew that. He never even saw it coming. Oops. [afro]
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    The hardest purely physical thing a person can do is fight. The second hardest is dance.
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    What kind of dancing!!!! [dancindevil]
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    [do-it] tatami tango I think.....:D
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    I used to dance but got tired of people putting there wallet's in my mouth and yelling he have in a seizure.
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    That is called "SnowFlake Dancing".....
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    You have a gold plated certified right to be proud of the boy, or should I say young MAN. Wrestling is HS wrestling is unbelievably competitive. Used to watch matches when I was in School.
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    Keep up the good work & keep the mind / body BUSY , so there is no way of letting a good mind go array !
    Seen many a young ones not make 25 due to drugs etc.
    My parents keep me busy in the 60's !
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    awesome... and huge congratulations.
    my associate was real smart, and that is what school mates knew him for at his new school.
    started wrestling when he got to high school.
    by his second year, he started getting pretty good.
    his comment to me.
    " when I go down the hallway at school, guys (and girls too) treat me different now. they nod and step back out of the way as I pass."
    he was beating the football players and guys from other sports on the mat...
    awesome sport... no way to slack off, and let another player/athlete cover for you.

    he was a good soccer player. his school was playing the rough neck school where most students were bigger and stronger. most of them had flunked several grades. lots of trash talking. real physical game. an opponent kept hassling him on the field. opponent went flying through the air, landing on the ground. the bigger kid got thrown and never knew what happened... he stayed far away for the rest of the soccer game and no more mouth. associate advised later, Sir, I've done that move a 100s times on the mat, and we were already running when it happened.
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    Proud Pop! Congratulations to you and your son! Many more wins in life await him! :)
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    Gratz! High school wrestling is very ompetitive and the dieting to make weight class is a whole other level of discipline
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    I understand completely.
    I wrestled 187 and 194 in high school, and was undefeated in my senior year in our league.
    Before I got into wrestling , bullies wouldn't leave me alone . After they saw what I was capable of, they gave me a wide birth .
    Wrestling by the rules is safe enough, but if the rules are not applicable , Lord have mercy on the fool that takes on a good wrestler.
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    Dad was very proud. Hopefully so was his former practice partner and friend. RIP.
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