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    Got some before bed reading time?
    I stumbled across this ("peak oil" oriented site) online handbook for preparing for "grid crash"I can't vouch completely for the articles as I've just scratched the surface myself.The interviews include heinberg ,and matt savinar .
    Fuel – DIY Get Off the Grid! |
    [beer]( alot left, a little gun "scared") but its worth a look ...
    : reading into it it takes on a decidedly counter-industria( "eco-terrorist")l direction( earth first! kinda stuff:
    i.e."Keep the Lights Out"
    Even if we don't actively trigger the downfall of industrial civilization, we should be ready to make sure it doesn't get up again where we are. We should know how to destroy or disable roads, railways, electrical grid components, factories and machines, and be ready to to so. As I write in various ways, "Once the lights go out, it is our job to make sure that they never come back on again." Basically, when industrial civilization falters -- and we know it will -- we must strike to cripple and disable it wherever we can, at our local levels, so that it will be finished for good. )

    "Skills mean influence"
    The premise is that all activists who are concerned about making a better world -- especially including social activists like queer activists, anti-racism, anti-poverty activists, and so on -- had better damned well get on about the business of learning to survive the collapse. If we do that, then we and our values will form the nuclei for the communities that last. If we don't we will be wiped out along with everything else that is dependant on this industrial monstrosity.
    So one of the critical things that we can do, as many people _are_ doing, is to insure that radicals like us have to skills to survive the collapse, and create new communities. That way we can influence the longterm outcome simply by surviving and teaching other people to survive. At the same time, we can share our knowledge on why the collapse happened, and why the remnants of civilization need to be removed for us to survive.

    So I'm not sure how much time it's worth
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    Re: "inthewake.org" tools for grid crash

    If you ignore the eco-terrorist stuff, the site is a wealth of info on topics like water (contamination, filtering etc), heating, cooking, and waste disposal (latrines etc).

    Last I looked there was an 11mb pdf file to download, which is very well written and illustrated.

    I wouldn't turn your nose up at it just because of the eco terrorism comments. Download the pdf and have a look.

    Btw, the site has been known to disapear for weeks on end...
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