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    Any one out there hunt with blow guns or fish with blow guns if so let's see your set up.
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    I shoot fish with my bow, a speargun, and a hand spear but never tried a blowgun. I do use a blowgun on pesky tree rats occasionally. My blowgun is a simple length of conduit pipe, the darts are sharpened pieces of brazing rod with a paper cone taped to the end, nothing fancy but hits as hard as the commercial ones I have played with. My real dart gun is a Remington .22 that has the barrel plugged and a .50 barrel on top with a gas manifold to regulate the velocity of the tranquilizer darts. A .50 dart filled with thiorozine will stop a grizzly, so I have been told. The manufacturer was in North Georgia, he used to sell darts loaded with formic acid (think fire-ants) as a home defense round.
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    I am trying to find my pictures of how to fish with a blow gun what I do is make a few 16 inch darts out of dowel rod and wire nuts I then put super glue finish on them lot dry sand super glue finish then sand again this waterproof the dart I then zip tie a 202 reel to the blow gun I use a cold steel big boar by the way any way attach the line I like 6 lbs test to the dart then suck it up the blown gun I then go to a pond rock pit any where there pan fish and take bread and throw out to bait them up by the way a good pair of polarized sun glasses help a lot when the fish come up to hit the bread they like to stop about 3 inch below before they strike aim just below them and shoot on a hit reel them in would check your local laws I am sure it's illegal except on rough fish.
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