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    Just noticed that iOS 9.3 beta 1 includes a setting for Blue Light Reduction under Display and Brightness. It basically starts to change the gamma of your screen down towards 2700K (adjustable with slider) at sunset and then pops it back to 5700K or so at sunrise.

    I'm not really prepared to go into the harmful effects of Blue Light on sleep and circadian rhythms but in a nutshell:
    The Primal Blueprint also discusses sleep and Blue Light Reduction so I was pretty excited to see this feature. How Light Affects Our Sleep | Mark's Daily Apple

    I started looking around for something similar for my wife's Mac and my Linux machines.

    Mac OS X = f.lux
    (settings are straightforward and I only adjusted the time of day she wakes and slid the colors around a bit)

    Linux = Redshift
    RS is available in most modern package repositories and pretty much works out of the box (I allow location so didn't have to set my lat and lon manually)

    I would imagine f.lux works on Windows too but I haven't checked.

    Example config file from the Arch Linux wiki Redshift - ArchWiki:
    ; Global settings for redshift
    ; Set the day and night screen temperatures
    ; Enable/Disable a smooth transition between day and night
    ; 0 will cause a direct change from day to night screen temperature.
    ; 1 will gradually increase or decrease the screen temperature
    ; Set the screen brightness. Default is 1.0
    ; It is also possible to use different settings for day and night since version 1.8.
    ; Set the screen gamma (for all colors, or each color channel individually)
    ; Set the location-provider: 'geoclue', 'gnome-clock', 'manual'
    ; type 'redshift -l list' to see possible values
    ; The location provider settings are in a different section.
    ; Set the adjustment-method: 'randr', 'vidmode'
    ; type 'redshift -m list' to see all possible values
    ; 'randr' is the preferred method, 'vidmode' is an older API
    ; but works in some cases when 'randr' does not.
    ; The adjustment method settings are in a different section.
    ; Configuration of the location-provider:
    ; type 'redshift -l PROVIDER:help' to see the settings
    ; e.g. 'redshift -l manual:help'
    ; Configuration of the adjustment-method
    ; type 'redshift -m METHOD:help' to see the settings
    ; ex: 'redshift -m randr:help'
    ; In this example, randr is configured to adjust screen 1.
    ; Note that the numbering starts from 0, so this is actually the second screen.
    and my config:
    We now have all computer monitors and mobile device screens shifting from blue to red at sunset. We'll see if it makes a difference.
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    There is a utility for android phones called Twilight as well. I've been running it for a month or so and have actually noticed a difference.
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    Cool, I imagine that it will come standard on all devices soon. The above redshift.conf is for f23 and goes in /Home/.config/ but it works without a config file (at least on Gnome) too.
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    Thanks for that. I think I installed it but didn't run it as a daemon so it's manual for now to fire it off. I run linux off of an external USB 3.0 drive on my work machine so it's not on all the time. Haven't taken the time to make it automatic.

    One thing I've noticed on the computer is that the brightness is really affected more so than on my phone. I'll have to tweak it and see if I can get used to it.
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    Maybe redshift-gtk has the autostart daemon? I didn't have to do anything
    sudo dnf install redshift redshift-gtk
    Screenshot from 2016-01-23 19-09-54.
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    I stay on betas so I don't really know when the Gold versions are released. I was on 9.2.1 beta 3 or 4 and then suddenly 9.3 public beta 1 was available.

    Takes 1 minute to enroll
    Apple Beta Software Program

    edit: I stay on beta releases since they almost always contain security patches.
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    @melbo, you ever have problems beta testing? I mean any more than if you were using regularly released versions?
  8. melbo

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    I've been beta testing since they started offering public betas and never had an issue.
    Sign up here:
    Apple Beta Software Program

    Then enroll your device and it will download a profile. Restart, then hit General > Software Updates and you'll see iOS 9.3 Beta 2

    FWIW, all devices in our house run iOS or OS X betas without issue. I like early access to new features :) @Hanzo
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    Mahalo @melbo.

    One of my friends is a local comedian. He was an early adopter. So we had a nerd handshake while yelling "EA." I'm not sure who came up with it, but I will have to say it was him. :rolleyes:
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    iOS 9.3 Public beta 2 has changed the name of this feature from Blue Light Reduction to Night Shift


    I keep mine automatic and set the slider all the way to Warm.

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