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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by monkeyman, Jan 16, 2007.

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    I was just wondering, for those who plan to BO or are at least set up for a BO, how many of you have a good transfer pump with a long uptake hose?

    I know at the gas station where I work, and from my understanding at nearly all of them, the pumps shut down when the holding tanks get down to around 500 gallons in order to prevent sedement being brought up in the gas. So if you had a transfer pump that could do uptake from 20 feet down or a bit more and a good cloth or something to filter it a bit then you could still fuel up after the station had shut down and everyone else went home not knowing there was still 1500 gallons of fuel under their feet (most stations would have reg, super and ultra or whatever).

    I also was wondering what everyone has set up for getting unstuck if the weather/road is bad or you had to go off road?

    I dont have stuff packed up for a major BO (have the BOBs to get us by a few days since only PLAN to BO for short term local stuff) but have thought about it that if had to BO would want to include the comealongs and chain/cable/ropes to pull with but would also need to take along 2 or 3 HEAVY pipes (axels or some such) an a post driver or sledge hammer so could drive them at least 3-4 feet into the ground to hook to if there was nothing solid close by to hook to to pull with.

    What arre some of the other things you all would be takeing that are 'outside the box', I figure food, water, guns, ammo and basic BOB stuff is pretty much a given.
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    My BO vehicle is my Dual Sport motorcycle - doesn't need as much gas to go a couple hundred miles. A pump and twenty feet of hose are really too bulky though. I just remembered a type of water well device that would work nicely. A long tubular 'bucket' on a rope. Easy to stow, and I could fill the bike a half-gallon or gallon at a time pretty quickly. The rope packs in the bucket, and the bucket in a side bag or on my rack.
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    I work at a service station.
    we have 4 10k gallon tanks.
    they stut off at 12 inches of fuel off the bottom.
    the reason is water and what not.
    no matter how hard you try you are gonna have crud in your storage tanks.
    keep some bottles of dry gas in your kit.
    if you pump it outta the tanks do it into a can then filter it into you filter will do just poke it down into the can a bit and use a rubber band to hold it.
    and remember you didn't hear this from me.:sneaky:
    also most auto parts stores sell a thing called A SUPER SYPHON(yes i know i can't spell) great.
  4. Scavenger Flatbedder

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    I like to refer to my vehicles as Get Home Vehicles.Very few scenarios would cause me to BO.
    They will more than likely be used as GHV/Scavenger/Recovery vehicles depending on the level of S that has HTF.
    This is my ScavengerTrac.Yes it runs.

    I keep in the trucks beside the normal preps;
    Tire plug and patch kit
    2 cans of Fix-a-Flat
    2 20' log chains
    2 Clevises
    Port-a-Power w/attachments
    Bolt Cutters
    Chainsaw-Stihl O45
    Snatch Block
    Handy Man Jack
    20' ciphon hose
    Canvas Tarp
    4 Ton Come-a-Long
    I believe I will start looking for a pump for fuel transfer.

    The one truck has a on board pto 2 stage compessor and a 2,500 kw generator that will be installed soon.
  5. Scavenger Flatbedder

    Scavenger Flatbedder Scavenging The Wasteland

    This is my truck that will have the compressor and genny installed on it.
    The boom pivots 180 degrees and the winch has a 10,000 lbs capacity.
    All hydraulic.
    It will also be painted flat black.Soon



    This truck now has a 20,000lb Garwood PTO winch and a better boom.
    This pic is about a year old.

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