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    I highly recommend having a pair in your pack, whether it is your pack for hiking/camping or BOB. They are super light, dry quickly, comfortable and pack down to next to nothing. Of course, probably not for always cold climates.

    So many uses too. Wear em in the water. The ocean or streams. Wear em lounging. Really comfy. Wear em to let your other clothes dry. Wear em for public outdoor showers. Hygiene with modesty or decency, whichever the case may be.

    I have worn em wet out of the ocean. Worn em dry taking the dog up and down hills. Usually, board shorts are worn commando, but that is not required. They are comfortable with undies too. I find them very comfortable and with no chafing in various activities. Chafing = bad.

    Down side is they have minimal pockets and usually no belt loops. But I like the ones with a draw string. They stay on that way. And clipping a knife in the pocket is not big deal. I don't even notice it there if it isn't a beast. I usually clip the Benchmade Bugout in my board shorts pocket. My friend EDC's a huge folding knife and he has his in his board shorts waistband with no problems.

    Wifee gave me an Amphipod pouch maybe two years ago. That is great. And since then, I haven't felt much need for cargo shorts or cargo pants. That is another review, I guess.
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    Um ----
    A pair of, um, what? Amphipod's site doesn't seem to have board shorts.
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    Do as I did with my karate gi: sew in your own pockets, wherever you like. I always had a place to keep my mouth guard and my manriki-gusari.

    Never needed belt loops, though.

    Nice thing about a tied belt is that if you tie it tight enough it makes you look fetchingly slim.
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    Board Shorts aka cut off levies, had a self braided nylon belt and a much sought after Brass Flag Snap from a flag halyard for the end. EDW for about 6 years, beach, party, home lounging,swimming in the oceans of the world.

    Never gonna fit now!
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    Board shorts are surf shorts.
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  6. Asia-Off-Grid

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    Naaaa. I'll just stick with my Speedos I look too good in 'em.

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  7. Hanzo

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    Did I mean to like or [bow][kissit] or ohno
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  9. Asia-Off-Grid

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    LOL. "On Hiatus". The staff here do have a sense of humor.
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  10. arleigh

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    I prefer my shorts made with cloth thank you very much .
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