Boat launch

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    looked like the normal way of doing things down here.
    I took a couple good old boys fishing in the gulf a few years back. It was a little foggy on the way to the launch site. I drove my usual 10 over the speed limit all the way. They were rather quiet all the way over and back. Later I learned thru the grapevine they had told their wives about the white knuckle high speed ride, and forever been forbiden to go fishing with me again.... lol....go figure .... wimps!
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    Excellent video!!
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    When doing new boat orientations, I would tell the customer there would be a test at the end. After giong through all the boat systems & docking practice, I would tell them the test is when your coming to the dock with your family on board & your friends on the dock, your test is to impress them. Keep practicing.
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