Bob Cat takes a doe down

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    We sure see some amazing stuff from those trail cams.
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    I absolutely would NOT have believed it! Great photos!
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    Too bad it's not complete. Would have made a great fight scene. Haha.

    Ever had your ownership to your pickup challenged and you lost? Knew a guy once that lived out in the woods and usually he'd come to town like clockwork. He'd drive in with his old beat up truck and tell more of his stories that we liked for their lessons on life or the sheer creativity of them. Well for a couple weeks there was no sign of him. I thought maybe he had been hurt or something so I go out to his place to see if anything was wrong. Could have called, only one thing, no phone. Haha.

    So I get out there and everything looks normal. He's even sitting on his porch and waves to me as I arrive. I ask him why he hadn't been around and if everything was okay. He said that no, everything was not okay. His truck had been possessed. I thought it weird what he said, though continued to listen. I thought he was going to say that somehow, someway he still owed money on that broken down truck and it got taken.

    That was the least bit true of what it was. He finally broke down and took me to see the truck and I have never seen or heard of anything like this again in my life, thus far. His truck is parked on the other side of the barn away from the house so you can't see it when you drive up. So there he and I stand looking at the would be thieves that do not know how to drive a vehicle.

    One on the roof of the cab and one in the bed of the truck they were. I think back on that day and wish for the life of me that I had had a camera. Then again the flash might have set them off and I may not be here to tell this tale of temporary truck thievery. So we stand for what seemed like an hour staring at how his truck had become a mating ground for some bobcats. That's right, a family of bobcats had taken possession of his truck and to cut it short, he wouldn't get it back again for a while.

    That was one of the craziest things I have ever seen.

    Moral of the story: Have two vehicles and have one of them under lock and key. Preferrably away from bobcats. :D
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