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    I am opening up a body-armor group buy (to U.S. residents). The buy will run for approximately 10 days.

    There are a large number of different styles, colors, options, and protection levels available on the site linked below and the pricing is very competitive. The minimum discount in this buy will be 2% off the posted prices you see here (don't forget that shipping will also be charged). We may be able to increase the discount a bit (to 4%), depending on the response.

    Of course, all correspondence and transactional details, before and after the sale, must go thru me. Contact with this distributor will nullify any discounts you would otherwise be entitled to in this buy.

    Note that you can purchase any new (or even used) vest posted on this site in this buy. You will need to provide all needed measurements so that your body armor is properly fitted. (It can take several weeks in some cases to produce your vest if it is not in stock.)

    Please spend the necessary time on the site to educate yourself about body armor, optional equipment, etc., and taking measurements as needed.

    Finally, you may find that there are some interesting other security-related products on this site. I am perfectly willing to apply the same 2% discount to any other product listed here that is of interest.

    Margins are VERY slim in this buy so I must ask for a $6 fee for Paypal payments. Cashiers checks/money orders are gladly accepted as a no-fee alternative.

    If you find a product that seriously interests you, please contact me by email ( or PM.

    (Also note that we cannot sell into Connecticut ... and because of the possibility of local restrictions where you live, you must determine the legality of your purchase and assume all responsibility thereof.)
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