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  1. enloopious

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    This is a ballistic gel that seems quite effective. Has anyone used this and if so how do you find the results? From what I gather is that the harder it is hit, the harder it becomes. It would seem a good thing to add to kevlar or other forms of protection as a cohesive system.

    D3O Lab | Impact Protection
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    looks interesting. Add that to ceramic plate and Kevlar... maybe it will take a hard hit and only leave a bruise
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    Shear thickening fluids ( dilatant) are neat and people have been working on adding them to regular Kevlar. A cool example of this in your house is oobleck the cornstarch and water mix. Other colloids can show this behavior.

    Other non Newtonian fluids include thixotropic/ pseudoplastic (shear thinning).
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    You can dance on pudding.
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    Common example is Miracle Whip. Shear thinning; put some in a bowl and stir vigorously, thins out some. Leave it along for a couple minutes, stiffens back up.
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