BofA refuses to let people in to withdraw money

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by UGRev, Oct 5, 2011.

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    I guess this could well surprise some folks who haven't been paying attention to BoA.

    But for those that have . . . well, this is just more in a long line of BoA poo-poo.


    I'm seriously wondering if that bank isn't owned by a Kenyan.
  3. Clyde

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    Interesting....more reason to not leave any $$ sitting round in your bank account.
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    Just found out that my bank (1st TN) is following BofA lead and will start charging to use your debit card. $.06 per pin transaction and $.14 per signed transaction. Time to move to another bank!! and I hate moving banks!!!
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    OK just for clarification. This video was filmed in August of this year. It was a "protest"
    - SOURCE

    Just a quick excerpt:
    M.O.R.E. was very clear about their concerns:
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    Well, It's obvious that all those credit cards that BOA had been giving to illegals wasn't such a bright idea, and now it's going to bite them in the *ss...
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    Hey - just switch to cash. The debit cards are a pain in the keester when it costs them much less than these supposed costs in this digital world.

    We switched to paying cash for all our monthly expenses. It actually allows one to keep to keep to a stricter budget because you can see what is left in your "pile" for the month.

    The norm that one should try to achieve is a 6 month supply of expenses in $$ (yes, i know, hard to do right now). This gives one a cushion on a banking holiday.

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    I've been on a strictly cash basis (except for motor fuel and certain transactions best handled by check) for the last ten odd years, and you're right, you can clearly see from your wallet's contents what's left for the next (insert time period here.) The only advantage to a debit card that is visible to me is the ability to do your (insert time period here) cash withdrawal any time of day or night and (usually) there's no line to wait on in the bank lobby. This practice dissociates your face from the amount of cash you are carrying should a watcher be watching your habits.

    So far as building up a cash on hand pile against a banking "holiday" do it the same way as building your stores, a bit at a time. After living out of your wallet for a few months, you'll have a pretty good idea of what it takes to get you thru (insert time period here) and can figure on how much you'll need to carry over a given time frame. 6 months is one man's target, you have to establish your own.
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    Even though my bank isn't charging for debit card use ... yet, I am already gearing up for it in case they do. I have started using my credit card (which gives me points every time I use it), then when I get home I go to Microsoft Money and put in an entry for whatever I bought, gas, groceries, etc, and then when the bill comes in, the money is already put aside for it. I win! I don't get charged anything for it, and I get more points on my card.
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    I used that program for several years until I found I could make my own in Exel that was more flexible. EZpeezy.
    My bank doesn't charge for use at the bank's ATMs, and I have no idea if they charge for any other use, really don't care. CC is the gas card.
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    BofA, USB, JPMC, WF...etc they are dead to me! They are and always will be a source of evil and a cancer eroding away value of our money, but hey the IMF, WB, FR like them :)
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    Absolutely.. because regular joe's don't know what banks do, nor do they understand where and how they get the REST of their money.
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    Wells Fargo announced today they are scrapping their Debt Card Fee Program.
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